[eat] Cheapest BBQ you can find in Korea — Meat-ing @ Hongdae

Who doesn’t love BBQ?  Definitely not Korean people.  BBQ joints in Korea are ubiquitous — throw a stone and go pick it up, a BBQ joint in ahead of you.. Okay, maybe it is not THAT extreme, but very close.

But man, the meat is EXPENSIVE.  The lowest price for 150gr of pork is usually listed at 7000 KRW.  Seriously?  Some joints even go as far as 35000 KRW and more for beef.  I understand that there are different factors that make the price so ungodly high, but PLEASE, I am poor.

Fortunately, many meat lovers share my tragedy.  The Korean BBQ restaurants see the opportunity sparkling within a sea of poverty.  They start all-you-can-eat-bbq-joints.  How awesome is that?  Many places are, though, ragged, dirty, dark holes-in-the-wall.  But on the gloomy canvas of cheap BBQ eat, Meat-ing appears like a rainbow of unicorns and candy floss.

From 11am to 5pm, a mere 9900KRW gives you unlimited filling of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, PERILLA LEAF (the holy leaf — the one and only that goes so well with grilled meat.  I can eat a bunch of sesame leaves alone, but usually BBQ joints give you like 10 leaves and when you ask for a refill they give you 5, then 4, then 3, with more frowns each time), different salads, rice, pasta (next please), fruits (frozen lychees are my favs — better than fresh ones in my opinion). However, if you have leftover, they charge you 2000KRW per 100gr.  After 5pm, you pay 10900 KRW for the same thing.  The atmosphere is different from other BBQ joints — it is calm, the lights are bright, and the smell of meat is not hazardous to the point of odorizing my clothes for days as is the case in other BBQ restaurants.  Beware of crowds of giggling school girls, such sweet innocent smiles often turn into a monstrous tempest of guffaws.

Is the meat good?  I’d say… No.  But it is not bad.  The marinated chicken is quite tasty.  Pork and beef taste the same, but again, I don’t care.  When you want to stuff your face with meat, you just need okay quality.  Stay away from the sausages, they are plain rubber.

I often frequent the location in Hongdae.  Meat-ing has other branches everywhere in the country as well as in Seoul.

Hongdae station, exit 9.  Turn left, walk past the Dunkin’ Donut, turn right, walk straight.


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