[eat] Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

I wonder why so many expats are mad at Jacoby’s Burger.  They say the service sucks.  I personally don’t care about the service, as for burgers, I care about the patty.  Of all burger joints I have tried in Korea, Jacoby’s Burger has the best beef patty.  The idea location (reachable from Noksapyeong station but hidden enough for us carnivores to take a walk (and call it “jogging”) to feel better about our health), the hip decor, the wide selections, the awesome-burgers at a decent price are more than I can ask for.  Personally I have never had any issue with their service, but their music is hideous. It gets super crowded during weekends, I hate waiting, so I never visit the joint during weekends and ‘rush’ hour aka. lunch time & dinner time.  They also serve a decent selection of beer and other ‘stuff’ (spaghetti etc.) but why go to a burger joint for pasta?

Hip decor:

Hip design

Burger menu:

Their Gut buster burger:


H1 + bacon:

H10 burger:

Sexy (H10 & H6)

45-6 Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Noksapyeong station, exit 2.  Walk straight then veer off to your right (the lane with lots of Kimchi pots).  Keep walking, Jacoby’s Burger can’t be missed.


3 thoughts on “[eat] Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

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