[eat] The best meal I’ve had in Hong Kong: Hot pot @ Little Sheep, Mongkok

Actually I am enjoying my long vacation in Hong Kong.  How I love this city, the landscape, the shops (esp. nail polish stores), and the food.  I’m just back from a super lunch — a hotpot lunch at Little Sheep (Xiao Fei Yang), branched in Mongkok, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.  I have known about Little Sheep for a long time, it is super famous and has branches in many countries (I know that there is a branch in Hongdae, Seoul.  The name is 샤오훼이양).  

If I were to rate the meal on a scale of 5, I’d give it 6.  It was just amazing.  The broth, oh the broth.  Usually I’d prefer the spicy broth, but the ‘plain’ (? — I mean non-spicy) version here just blew my minddddd.  Both are SO good, though.  There are tons of garlics, ginger, chilies etc. in it. We got the half/half broth (83 Hong Kong dollar). The whole ‘plain’ one is 73 and the spicy 88.

The main problem was choosing meat. We decided (after lots of discussion) to order the cheapest lamb dish available (98 HKD) + Premium beef (138 HKD). Along with them are frozen tofu, dried tofu, and mushroom.
The meat was CRAZY good. The beef was so damn flavorful and tender and a tad fatty. I don’t know how to describe the lamb, but if the beef was 9/10, the lamb would be 10/10. Lamb has officially become my second favorite animal in the world after cow.

More photos at your service.

Orchid on a lamb plate? Yes please.


Overall, amazing lunch. The bill came at 477 HKD (~67KRW) for 2.  Super reasonable.  Maybe I will have to try the Hongdae branch when I’m back to Korea.

Little Sheep 小肥羊, Mong Kok branch:  Mong Kok station exit C2.  Look to your right and the restaurant is across the street.

Little Sheep 샤오훼이양 in Hongdae location:  Hongdae station, exit 9.  Walk straight and turn right at TGIF, walk straight and you will see a building with various stories, Little Sheep in on the second floor:


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