[travel] Tai Long Wan hike — hiking in Hong Kong

I’m just back from a long hike in Tai Long Wan, Hong Kong.  The hike was about 15km and filled with gorgeous sceneries.  I can’t emphasize enough how I love Hong Kong — the city has everything — from skyscrapers to modest farm houses, from humongous shopping malls at every single subway stop to mesmerizing unscathed natural beauty.

We set off at 6:30am and took the subway to Ma On Shan.  After getting off, we caught bus 299 outside Ma On Shan Mall to Sai Kung town (gorgeous fishing town).  The ride took about 30 minutes.  From Sai Kung, we took a local bus called R29 at 8am.  Half an hour later, we got off the Sai Wan Pavilion and started our hike.  The road was pretty straightforward (literally), no sun (luckily) and the trees were dense.  We basically followed this route, but at Sai Wan, after checking out the beach, we followed the river flow to trace back to its root — a lovely natural pond.  And at Ham Tin Wan we headed to another secluded beach (Tai Long beach & an unnamed beach) for more eyecandy before returning to the main trail.

The main route (Maclehose trail) — photo taken AFTER we finished the hike.

From the beginning of the hike we were already rewarded with lovely view of the reservoir:

Nothing can be nicer: you are hiking between mountain & ocean:

After a relatively easy hike we reached our first point: Sai Wan beach. Like any beach in Hong Kong — it is very very clean. The HK government take their beaches seriously. I once visited Trio Beach in Sai Kung and there were like 10 activities/things banned on the beach, including your dogs.

I was amazed to find that NEXT to the beach is a river — I mean, it is normal, but excuse my tendency to be amused by anything. My bf wanted to surprise me so he just told me to follow him to walk along the river. That was how we strayed from the main Maclehose trail but man, how rewarding it was! It’d been eons since I last came across a natural pond. Actually there were several ponds. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Of course, being nature lovers, the bf and I had to check out the lovely pond of fresh water.

Yes we swam here!

After spending like >1 hour there, we came back to the main trail. The Sai Wan to Ham Tin Wan hike was quite easy, and the view was breath taking:
Ham Tin Wan from afar:

The beach:

From here, we once again took a different trail in order to find the secluded beach the bf talked about. We crossed a “bridge” by Ham Tin beach…

And followed an elderly couple to find a beach with big waves — some dudes were hanging there ready to surf. But it was still not the beach we were looking for. We decided to climb up to the mountain (not real climbing, as there was a trail but you had to use your hands and legs to get to the top). From the top of the mountain, we saw the beautifullll secluded beach we had been looking for.
This is Hong Kong baby!

Lunch on the top of the mountain overlooking a beach? Challenge accepted.

After the lunch, we had to go back to Maclehose trail to finish our hike. We had already spent 4 hours just looking for/checking out ponds and beaches — the hike was still very long ahead. Now it was quite a tiring hike, in order to finish (=reaching the bus stop at Park Tam Au) we had to walk up to The Sharp (mountain peak). Man, it was sharp. Let me make it clear: I am damn lazy and brushing my teeth is the only exercise I do everyday. It was super tiring for me. After reaching the peak, it was quite a lazy stroll. But it was not the end, we had to walk up to the mountain again, this time, luckily, was not as hard as the hike was not as steep. Occasionally we could see the sea. And that the sun was absent and trees were dense helped a lot. Fine weather was also a plus. But I can imagine how tiring it is in the summer.
More photos along the hike:

An abandoned village:

Basically most part of the trail is like this:

Open view of another small bay:

At 3:30pm (we started hiking at 8:30am) we reached the bus stop. From there, we took bus 94 back to Sai Kung, then 299 to Ma On Shan station.

It was such a victory for me. I never thought that I could hike! If you can make it here, you really can make it anywhere!


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