[eat] Com Pho: All-you-can-eat Vietnamese summer rolls + BBQ @ Hongdae, Seoul

I am having a hard time tagging this post — Com Pho 컴포 (compho.kr) claims to serve Vietnamese food (Pho, summer rolls, spring rolls etc.) — but being a Vietnamese myself, what I had there was not Vietnamese food. Their fares are Koreanized Vietnamese food which are ubiquitous in Korea (Pho Mein, for example). I don’t love the food, but I think that for the price, it was quite decent. I mean, it is all you can eat — I will never pay 14000 KRW to eat some non-authentic summer rolls + 1 bowl of Pho (I am not even a fan of it) in Korea.

You can check out the menu here: http://compho.kr/menu/menu.asp — you don’t have to order the “Vegetarian spring rolls” set (which is a lie, because it is served with BBQ, quail eggs, and crab meat) — but it is the best item and best value.
Price range for two people: A course is the most expensive at 20000 KRW (including DIY summer rolls, Chadolbaekgi 차돌백이 (beef brisket for grilling), Buchaesal 부채살 (marinated steak), Usamgyeop 우삼겹 (thinly sliced beef)) — it’s all beef, thus the price. B course at 16000 KRW gives you a similar set as A course minus the Chadolbaekgi. At 14000 KRW, C course is all about pork as you get DIY summer rolls, samgyeopsal (pork belly) & moksal (neck meat). At the end of the meal, you are given a small bowl of Pho — the broth is quite tasty, but again, it is not real Pho. For one person only, you add 2000 KRW to each set.

The summer roll ingredients. Honestly, we don’t use any of these in Vietnam. My mother uses carrots to add color to the rolls, and I use bean sprouts if I want to make summer rolls outside Vietname, though. The plate looks great anyway.

We were cheap, so we chose C course. But it looks really cool:

The table! I mean, for 28000 KRW for two, this is definitely good value right?

Grill grill:

Don’t forget that it is all you can eat. Feel free to ask for more meat. The staff was quite reluctant, though. I asked for refill 3 times, each time they gave us less meat.

Ahhhhh the meat:

I was there with another Vietnamese gal, surprisingly she couldn’t roll the damn things right. But it doesn’t really matter, as long as you can fit the rolls in your mouth. I stuffed my rolls with like 5 slices of pork — it was such a beautiful moment:

Lots of meat, but still an elegant roll:

In the end, we were given small bowls of Pho.

Overall, a very satisfying and filling meal. I love cheap eat! Here is how you can get to Com Pho (Hongdae exit 9 or Hapjeong exit 2 of Sangsu exit 1). If you know where Waffle Bant in Hongdae is, Com Pho is just around the corner.


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