[eat] Homey, cozy dinner at Saint’s Alp Teahouse @ Taiwai, Hong Kong

First off, Saint’s Alp Teahouse (http://www.saintsalp.com.hk) has different branches in Hong Kong — and it looks like at least the Philippines and the US have Saint’s Alp. This is the review for Saint’s Alp in Taiwai.

Initially we wanted to go to Shatin Inn for some Indonesian satays but the place CHOSE to be closed today :\ We took a lazy stroll along a foodie street in Taiwai and came across this teahouse. The menu outside looked quite cool, we usually don’t randomly pop in a restaurant (we have to do a research before trying lol) but well…

Fortunately we were not disappointed…

We ordered noodles with beef (39 HKD), Marinated minced pork with steamed rice (42 HKD), chicken satay (28 HKD) and an Ice mint cream tea (31 HKD for jumbo size but the owner halved the price of the drink without us knowing why but hey that’s cool). The chef was a lovely old woman. She came to our table to collect the empty bowls and said something in Cantonese in such a delightful voice, we assumed that she was happy because we finished the meal with neither any single drop of broth left nor a grain of rice. Yes it was THAT good.

Rice noodle with beef, extra spicy option. The beef cubes were damn tender and juicy and the broth was really spicy but great.

The rice dish. It looked ordinary but tasted awesome. Mix the minced pork well, add some chili and pepper to boost the flavor and enjoy. The cool bowl was a bonus.

Chicken satay. Not much to say, chicken was juicy and tender but 28 HKD was too expensive for 4 tiny skewers.

Hugeeee drink. I love how it is minty but has jasmine flavor added to it at the same time. Very good.

Overall, surprisingly good meal. We intend to visit it again tomorrow (it opens from 7am) for some French toast.



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