[eat] Rice noodle & egg coffee for breakfast @ Hanoi, Vietnam

My first post about Vietnam.  Now that I only spend very little time in Hanoi during winter or summer break, I can’t check out all the awesome foods in every corner of Hanoi, but there are 2 places I always try to visit every time I am there.  I especially like Hanoi in the morning (before 7am) with its calm and somehow poetic atmosphere.  And of course, nothing is better than stuffing your face.

If you happen to stay around the Old Quarter in Hanoi (which you will), you know where Hoan Kiem Lake is. After taking a lazy stroll around the lake , you might as well want something for breakfast. I know, Pho is ubiquitous and some Pho places in the lake’s vicinity are recommended in all the guidebooks, but how about trying something different? My pick is Bun Thang (some kind of rice noodle) at 31 Cau Go.

Is there any other word needed? Just look at it, how beautiful it can be! It looks great and tastes great too. The broth has fermented shrimp paste added to it, the result is a delicate-pungent flavor. The bowl contains rice noodle, dried radish, sliced fried egg, sliced chicken, mushrooms etc. Add some lime & chili and taste. Ugh every morning should be like this.
More visual appeal:

After breakfast, you need some coffee. Cafe Giang at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan is the  place to go. And I go there for one reason only: egg coffee. Coffee + sweet condensed milk + whipped egg white = perfection.  It is more like a dessert than coffee, but I don’t care. I can always consume more than 2 cups. Egg coffee comes at hot or cold option, I prefer the cold version, because the hot one is a bit too sweet for me.

Hot egg coffee:

Hot cocoa:

Cold egg coffee + coffee with yogurt:

Andddddddddddd sunflower seeds, how can you not like sunflower seeds…

Rice noodle is at 35000 VND per bowl (~1.7 USD) and coffee is not more than 20000 VND (~1 USD) per order. While coffee is open all day, you can only get rice noodle before 9am.

The two places are a 5-minute walk from each other:


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