[eat] Real sandwich at Lord Sandwich @ Sinchon, Seoul

I am now living at Yonsei dorm at Sinchon campus. The food scene is quite vibrant and my school’s various canteens pretty much cater to all my needs. Still, that you live in an area of good cheap eats doesn’t mean that you don’t make foodie mistake. I still vividly remember buying a sandwich at my school’s GS25 and I’m sure that it was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. Fortunately, the superb Lord Sandwich nearby always provides me with all sorts of redemption.

I swear that Lord Sandwich is seriously THE lord of all sandwiches I’ve ever tried in Korea and elsewhere. The ciabatta breads used are of high quality — they never get dry. The veggies are always fresh and overall the sandwiches never let me down. They have a wide selections (I believe that vegan option is available) but I always stick with Beef steak sandwich. Ugh how awesome the beef is! My friend’s favorite is the prawn one. The spicy chicken is a bit too spicy, though. Salmon sandwich is also very good. The cheapest is at 8000 KRW and beef steak, being the most expensive, is 13000 KRW. However, if I’m not wrong, the price is slightly higher at the Gangnam branch. Apart of sandwiches, Lord Sandwich also has an extensive menu of pizzas, pasta, and drinks. I can’t say that their pizzas are the best I’ve tried, but they are certainly decent and not too expensive (14000 KRW to 18000 KRW if I remember correctly for medium sized pizzas).

A portion (sandwich is served with complimentary salad:


Spicy chicken:

Such a teaser xD (Beef steak):

Some kind of chicken sandwich:

Margarita pizza (14000 KRW?)

Even more pizzas:

Dr. Pepper can do no wrong:

And so does a latte…

Lord Sandwich Sinchon branch is on the opposite side of the road from Edae backgate. Tell your taxi driver to take you to Edaehumun (Edae backgate), cross the street, walk straight (NOT towards the Dunkin’ Donuts side). Turn left to the corner at Paris Baguette, turn right at the first intersection, turn left at the first intersection and you will see Lord Sandwich (the weird building)


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