[eat] Prague fare at Praha restaurant @ Itaewon, Seoul

I am suddenly having a crave for mussels. Mussels in white wine sauce with tons of garlic always make me smile.
And the mussels, among others, at Praha in Itaewon made me smile.

It was a fine winter day, my friend and I were walking along the street of Itaewon looking for good eats. Praha — a cool looking restaurant — caught our eyes with its lunch special. The lunch special was from 11am to 3pm, and it was 2:55pm. We pondered for a moment, and decided to skip. 5 minutes later, we came back. Bang, lunch special was over. But well, we were already seated.

But of course, like on any fine winter day, things get better. Skimming the menu, our eyes sparkled at som some really good stuffs. Encouraged, we started our meal with their mushroom appetizer (12000 KRW). The presentation was absolutely lovely; it tasted good, but not great. Being a food photo fanatic myself, I wasn’t really bothered

Complimentary bread:

A huge bowl of mussels for 18000 KRW. Very very very good. Every mussel was fresh; the sauce tasted just right — tangy, sweet, buttery, with a hint of white wine; there were tons of sliced garlic inside and I love garlic, you can imagine how happy I was. We tried to make the same thing at home — everything was a hit, but the mussels weren’t. They needed to be absolutely fresh — the quality you can’t expect from Emart mussels.

Garlic and bacon in the sauce:

Hey baby:

Assorted sausage platter (28000 KRW) gave us 4 choices of sausages with mashed potato. Stuffed by mussels, we shouldn’t have ordered the platter but we would regret, though, if we hadn’t. There were 2 very good kinds, one good, and one meh. The spicy sausage was too spicy for me.

Spicy, but tasted great:

A very good meal indeed. The price was not exorbitant given the quality and portion (the mussels and sausages portions were surprisingly big), as well as “this is Korea” price. The atmosphere was nice, inside the restaurant was a bit too dark, though. But really, things can hardly go wrong on a fine winter day.

Itaewon station, exit 2, just walk along the street (the opposite direction to Hamilton Hotel-KFC).


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