[eat] Another BBQ buffet restaurant: 착한돼지 @ Hongdae, Seoul

Is it possible to find a place better than Meat-ing? The answer is yes. I just found out today. It is 착한돼지 (Chakhan dwaeji, which is Kind-hearted pig; and the English name of the restaurant is Chakhan pig — go figure) http://www.chakhanpig.com near Sangsu station (accessible from Hongdae, Sangsu, and Hapjeong station).
Chakhan pig has the same price as Meat-ing (9900 lunch -> 5pm), 10900 after 5pm. But you have a much wider selection of meat. And they even have fried chicken. Can you believe it? FRIED CHICKEN AT AN ALL YOU CAN IT BBQ RESTAURANT. And the fried chicken was really good, very flavorful, tender, and a tad spicy. The meat there is pretty much like Meat-ing, but slightly better — mostly because I can tell the difference between the meat apart.


Fried chicken:

Where you get stuffs:


Love the oranges:

They also have rice, spaghetti, sausages, shrimps etc. Bokkeumbab also available (rice mixed with different stuff and cheese — you put the whole box on the grill plate and wait till the cheese is melted). A cool place to stuff your face. I think that from now I will stick to it instead of Meat-ing.

The direction from Hongdae station exit 9:

From Sangsu station exit 1:


9 thoughts on “[eat] Another BBQ buffet restaurant: 착한돼지 @ Hongdae, Seoul

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  3. Hey, thanks for the wonderful and very informative blog. We are a couple of food-lovers (ok, perhaps just gluttons :)) from Singapore, currently on a two-week jaunt in Seoul. Found the Chakhan Pig, as well as Sushi Kiri through your blog. Now preparing the food itinerary for this week :)
    all the best

      • Thanks!! :) Heading to Mammoth on Friday… Have you tried Bono Bono? (I know, it’s not BBQ, but being such a glutton, I have a weak spot for all kinds of buffets… I am also a low-carber, and typically eat only 1-2 times a day, so buffets just make sense when I am traveling… :))
        If so, is it worth trying, or do you have any recommendation for a seafood/general buffet that is under 50,000?

      • I know about it but after taking a look at some blog posts I came to the conclusion that perhaps it’s not worth it :D
        I know of a hotpot buffet place and the price is about 20k per head called SHABU AND SALAD BAR http://www.샤브앤샐러드바.com. It looks huge, spacious and it carries all types of food (shabu shabu; all you can it sushi, meat, seafood etc.). The down side is that it’s not near any subway station. You can give the address to your cabbie though: 샤브앤샐러드바, 서대문구 연희동 137-6, 연희프라자 2층 (Shabu and salad bar, Seodaemun-gu Yonhui-dong 137-6, Yonhui plaza 2F)

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