[eat] Thai food at Sawatdee @ Hong Kong International airport terminal 2

I have never appreciated any kind of food associated to airport, except for this small place inside Hong Kong Intl’ Airport terminal 2: Sawatdee. Truth be told, another time I ate there (dumplings at Maxim) was quite good actually. Sawatdee — like its name suggests — specializes in Thai food, and is serious about it. I have tried Tom Yum Gung, Green Curry, Pad Thai, and glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk there. All were awesome and at a reasonable price.

Green curry: awesome awesome awesome. My biggest worry when I order Thai curry anywhere is that the coconut-y flavor would be watered down. Not the case here. The broth was perfectly seasoned with loads of chicken. It looks great as well.

Pad Thai. Pad Thai is hard to master, many pad thais I have tried elsewhere were always a bit on the sweet side. Luckily, the pad thai I tried here was balanced between salt and sweetness. My only complain is they could have served with some lime on the side, as I prefer a tangy kick to it. And two prawns is never enough for my protein intake — given that I have to think about crap (and write blogs) all day.

Tom Yum Gung: though I prefer lighter and translucent broth, the hearty, coconut-y and tangy flavor here won my heart. Best if served with some rice:

Glutinous rice with mango: hard to fuck this gorgeous dessert up. They did it right here:

My verdict: great place to try. How I wish I knew more restaurants like this at any airport I have been to. If you have time, do check it out. Saying goodbye to Hong Kong wasn’t too miserable after all, thank you, Sawatdee.


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