[cafe] Blue Curacao Lemonade @ Standing Coffee

I have a healthy affair with the Blue Curacao Lemonade at Standing Coffee (branches everywhere in Seoul but I frequent the ones at Noksapyeong and Hongdae). For 5000 KRW you get a huge size lemonade (with like 2 lemons & blue curacao). The result is a refreshing, lemony (obviously), and pretty drink. Standing Coffee is the only place that every time I pass by, I HAVE to drop in and order this. Of course, I don’t when it gets too crowded with long lines of eager healthy drinkers (which is often the case with the branch in Noksapyeong). From some of my friends’ comments on their coffee, Standing Coffee does make good coffee & latte as well. Bonus point: most bartender bois there are ridiculously good looking.

you have no idea how many times I have taken this kind of picture ‘-‘ but the blue drink looks seriously lovely.

One thing I really like about the blue lemonade here is that it brightens my pathetic face in these sad photos:

Lemonade and latte:

So cuteeee:


And yes, Standing Coffee is tiny, as it’s mostly for takeaway customers. On fine day, though, you can sit on some stools placed outside and stare at Noksapyeong neighborhood (not that great actually).

Standing Coffee.
Noksapyeong location: Noksapyeong exit 3, walk straight until you see Standing Coffee on the opposite side of the street.
Hongdae location: Sangsu station exit 1.


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