[eat] Yet an even better all you can eat BBQ: Mammoth Grill house @ Sinchon, Seoul

Excuse my craze over all-you-can-eat meat. I am on my low carb diet so meat is the only thing I can think of and dream about. I have written about two all-you-can-eat places: Meating–which I liked because it was a buffet, and Kind-hearted pig (wtf -.-) because it was better than Meating (mainly because it served fried chicken). Today I just “discovered” a new BBQ buffet in Sinchon (but it has branches everywhere too, including Hongdae) called Mammoth http://www.mammoth-grillhouse.com. And it is the first time that I have been impressed by the quality of the meat. They were seriously good, especially the beef selections.

The price for lunch is 10900 and dinner 11900. BUTTTTTT today was weekend so we had to pay dinner price for lunch x( Not that we mind though, the quality totally exceeded the 11900 KRW we paid.

Appetizers. Cheesesticks!!!!

No sesame leaf :(

These are the stuff to make ddokbukki. We didn’t make any though.

Meat bar:

That shredded beef with sesame was HEAVEN:

Both the ham and beef were very good:

A standard BBQ :P

Again, get a LOT of the beef slices. They were amazing:

Osamgyeop from America. Quite good:

The beef was the star. But the shrimps were very good too.

Cheese stick:

Just eat lots of ham and beef. Just these stuffs are worth the money:

Too bad the fruit selection was limited. Only rambutans and mandarins were available

And last but not least, introducing The Face of my blog: Jack Walsh :)))))

The staff are always nicer to you when you eat with a handsome young boy lol

This is the review for Mammoth at Sinchon. As I mentioned above, Mammoth is everywhere, there is one branch near Hongdae station exit 9 too.
Sinchon station exit 2. Follow the map:


6 thoughts on “[eat] Yet an even better all you can eat BBQ: Mammoth Grill house @ Sinchon, Seoul

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