[eat] Awesome chicken ‘hotpot’ & noodle at 신촌영양센터 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I just went out with The Face of my blog (Jack Walsh, American), my roommate (Chinese), and my roommate’s friend (Taiwanese) to slurp some awesome chicken broth at 신촌영양센터 (Sinchon Nutrition Center -.- I know, wtf, right?). It was awesome awesome awesome awesome. The dish we ordered called Dak Hanmari (English name: Chicken soup; REAL english name: Whole chicken) at 28000 KRW + 4000 KRW for Kalkuksu (Knife cut noodle) was super filling for 4 people.
It took around 10 mins for the staff to bring us a sizzling, huge pot of chicken, tteok, some greens, and potatoes in an aromatic broth. The chicken was cooked well and fell off the bones. The broth was an A. But after we had finished the chicken, I asked for some noodle (2 portions) to cook in the broth. Now it was A+. Somehow, the noodle made the whole thing MUCH better. I have never liked kalkuksu, but fortunately I have finally opened my eyes.

What we got: Chicken broth. The braised chicken is the spicy one, and at the end of the meal you can add rice to make Bokkeumbab (fried rice). If you order what we ordered, you are advised to add kalkuksu xD

(hint: the roasted chicken looks super sexy too)

This stuff is to be put in your sauce:

Really good kimchi:

The sour sauce with some gochuchang and wasabi on the side:

28000 KRW — sensually beautiful.

How adorbs lol

Make sure to add kalkuksu. You HAVE TO. It boosts up the broth to a new level. 2000 KRW for 1 portion. For 4 people 2 portions is enough.

Wait for a while until it is cooked:

And serve with some broth:

Boy it was GOOD. I loved every single drop. The Face of my blog thought that it was very very good. The Taiwanese citizen (my roommate’s friend) said that it was super delicious. My roommate (Chinese citizen) expressed her approval with a whole new meaning: nutritious, good for her health, she was having a cold but now she felt much better. See, international approval. So go check it out!

Sinchon Nutrition Center, Sinchon station exit 3

And of course, the Face of my blog:


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