[eat] Lovely pizzas at Bilbao Pizza @ Sinchon, Seoul

Finally after 2 weeks of low-carb diet, my treat day has come. This morning at 7:30 I hopped to the Dunkin’ Donuts next to Severance Hospital to stuff my face with some beloved Donuts and I just came back from a filling lunch. It is always nice to bite on some thin crust pizzas and catch up with your dear friend. I was hanging out with the vegetarian friend I blogged about here — and naturally, I had to eat vegetarian pizzas today. But boy they were good. Margherita pizza with GOOD cheese always hits the spot.

We ordered regular-sized Margherita (12000 KRW), and Alio e Peperone (14000 KRW) because I love garlic. We had to wait for like 20 minutes for the pizzas but they came out hot and nice. The crust, I admit, can be better because it gets soggy where there is too much cheese. But overall, they were both very good. They gave use a generous amount of Fresh mozzarella. Not the plastic/pseudo cheese that is ubiquitous in Korea.


Alio e Peperone — love the hint of garlic.


My only complaint is that inside the place it was TOO hot. Maybe it’s warm for other but it was seriously hot for me ‘_’ Korea really takes the cold seriously, a bit too seriously.
Bilbao pizza is next to Lord Sandwich, so just follow the direction I once put for Lord Sandwich here.

Oh and my donuts ;)


23 thoughts on “[eat] Lovely pizzas at Bilbao Pizza @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. Hồi mình mới học tiếng Anh, bà giáo bà ấy dạy ‘vegeterian’ có nghĩa là ‘người ăn kiêng’ :)))) Tới bây h thi thoảng vẫn bị nhầm như thế.

  2. Haha “low carb diet” no rice, ddok, or noodles in korea then! I really enjoy your commentary and pictures. I’m even too lazy to take pictures of the food I eat especially if I had a camera like yours! You should try the samgaetang at tosokchon by the Gyeongbokgung. It’s a popular tourist spot but the soups really good!

    • Eating out with me is VERY annoying because I keep taking pictures, so I guess that NOT taking pictures while eating can be a great act of etiquette.
      So much food, so little time, too lazy–the dilemma of my life. I need someone who wants to go to Gyeongbokgoong so I can have the motivation to get on the subway >__< now Gyeongbok seems like a very faraway place for me lulz.

  3. lol it’s so close just ride the 272 and get off at the subway stop! are you some kind of royalty haha how do you eat out so much!? at such great places! lol you should have lived in SK not I-House

    • Ihouse is much better than SK, you have your own fridge and you don’t have to clean the bathroom because you use a public bathroom. I detest picking up my fallen hair after shower. I will never live in SK.
      On another note, I am not rich. I just don’t spend money on other things so I can have enough to eat out :)

  4. haha also next place you should try is this http://www.palsaik.com/menu.html
    Get the 8 flavor sampler. There’s 2 locations in Shinchon but I think the original is around the Grand the central part of Shinchon… around the Grand Mart but a different exit forget the number…….

  5. lol awesome! if you go brazilian steakhouse in itaewon let me know! I want to try and haha seems like you don’t care about price and lol I’m too lazy to find myself! I live in SK

  6. yeah add me on facebook I think you have my email! Just search for me with my email! I’m a exchange student for one semester!

  7. I’ll be in Seoul this weekend for the first time… I am living in Daegu… and miss all the deliciousness of home. I am a super foodie (also paleo/lowcarb, but with splurge for something good!) and want to make the most of my trip. I’ve read pretty much all of your posts, but which brunch place would you say is #1 on your list? Have you discovered a new pizza place since Bilbao? Any good Thai? Natural food stores? Thank you!! Oh and if you wanna grab a bite, let’s make it happen!

  8. Hey! It’s funny your blog posts turn up whenever I search for food places or coffee shops and then one day my friend Van says “My friends writes this blog about places to go and eat I’ll send you the link”
    Anyways I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re really talented and it is an honor to know I have like 2 degrees of separation from you. Hope to meet you one day and eat good food together. And Bilbao pizza is the best pizza I’ve had in Korea so far ;)
    Keep up the good work!

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