[eat] Tofu soup & Panfried Oyster at LA 북창동 순두부 @ Sinchon, Seoul

As I have been on my low carb diet, sundubu jjigae (tofu soup) WITHOUT RICE has become my staple. I usually slurp on tofu at my school’s cafeteria, but today, I ventured beyond Yonsei campus vicinity to a far more exciting land of tofu. It is LA 북창동 순두부 (LA Bukchang-dong tofu soup http://dubuhouse.com). As the restaurant’s name suggests, they are specialized in tofu, but quite a lot other dishes are available. We ordered Seafood sundubu (8000 KRW) & panfried oyster (12000 KRW) for two people.

The tofu soup was quite tasty. But at 8000 KRW, I expected a bigger bowl. But maybe the quantity was substituted for 2 shrimps, some oysters, clams, and squid. There was a bowl full of raw eggs on the table for us to crack into the tofu bowl when it was sizzling hot, but we totally forgot about it. It hurts now that I recall that fatal mistake.
I didn’t try anything except for the fish. It was really good.

Sundubu bowl. Could be bigger.

Rice in a stone pot. After you take all the rice out, pour hot water in…

So you could have this stuff… My friend said that old people like this. So I’m like, ok… Basically it’s just rice and water (plain water).

Panfried oysters. Ahhh soooo good. Fat tasty oysters (lots of them) fried with eggs.


It was a good lunch. Nothing out of this world, but I certainly enjoyed it. LA 북창동 순두부 is near Sinchon station exit 2. If you are in the mood for something healthy aka. tofu, check it out.


7 thoughts on “[eat] Tofu soup & Panfried Oyster at LA 북창동 순두부 @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. “My friend said that old people like this.” Ahaha, that “friend” which imparted such profound words wants to say hi and that she enjoyed lunch with you! ;)

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