[eat] Great great Quiche Lorraine at BnD Station @ Edae, Seoul

I just had lunch with my kind Canadian friend Austin Fehr (he is blogging at http://bliss-seoul.com and his looks super awesome I’m dead jealous -.-) at BnD Station (check out their menu here), where we munched on some Quiches. The friend, having eaten quiches all his life (I guess), only had compliment for BnD’s quiche, so I suppose that it is authentic enough. Even if it was not authentic, what they served us was seriously delicious.

After surfing on Korean food blogs, it occurred to me that every single blogger had an (or more) entry about this place called BnD Station at Edae, most of which were about either their Autumn Squash Cream Pasta or Quiche Lorraine. Edae is like 10 minutes walk from my dorm, and given that I have been gulping only Korean food these days, it looks like it’s time for me to get Westernized. Turned out the raving reviews on naver were not an exaggeration. Though I didn’t have the gut to try the pasta (because it looks gooey and yellow and disgusting), I, like my friend, decided to try the Bacon Mushroom Quiche Lorraine (14000 KRW) (There supposed to be more options on the menu but they were not available). Their drinks are surprisingly cheap (3000 KRW), thus we just went ahead and ordered Station blue (Lemon juice, Natural sparkling water, Blue curasao syrup, Mint mojito syrup) and Station brown (Chai tea, Peach syrup, Rose syrup, Natural sparkling water).

Huge, cool-looking, refreshing drinks. Such good value, I was surprised.

Station blue — it tastes just like the Blue Curacao lemonade I blogged about here.

Station brown.

I took like 3 trillions photos of these two because they looked so cute -.-

The quiche. The crust was so aromatic and flaky. The filling, perfectly seasoned, was soft, moist, and full of bacon. Very very very good.

A big portion. I was so full after lunch.

They make great photos indeed.

BnD Station, Edae station exit 2.


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