[eat] Tracing the original Pepperonis @ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

During my time staying in Hanoi, the Castelo Concepts (a restaurant chain) became my most frequented hangout. I collected stamps for a free pizza and waited eagerly for every Friday to buy one pizza get one free at Al Fresco’s. I ate numerous buffet lunches at Pepperonis. Never did it occur to me that one day I would have a chance to visit the original Pepperonis restaurant — founded in 1992 in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. The day I had lunch at THE ORIGINAL PEPPERONIS is forever marked in my calendar: things can always happen in the most unexpected way possible.

Pepperonis was the place for me to fuel my energy up before I hiked to Trio beach in Saikung. It was a relatively short walk from the bus station. Pepperonis is located in a quiet neighborhood, which makes sitting outside pleasant enough.

We started with Mexican nachos (135 HKD). I love nachos, my bf makes the best nachos in the world, so I am very critical of this Mexican specialty. I was a bit disappointed because they used doritos instead of tortilla chips. WHY? The doritos were simply too salty. On another note, however, the chili was amazing. Had they used tortilla chips or less salty doritos, it would be a great great dish. But even though I am complaining now, I actually ate the whole damn thing without any left lol

By the way, more guacamole please?

Awesome chili:

I have bitched elsewhere that I love mussels, and naturally, being a mussel fangirl, I was curious to see how Pepperonis handled this marine stuff. For 110 HKD we had this perfect dish:

But there were only EIGHT mussels. WHY? WHYYYYYYYY. 15 bucks for 8 mussels, are you kidding me? We paid 18000 KRW for a huge bowl of mussels at Praha in Korea. asdfghjjkasdfghjj x( But at least every mussel was juicy and fresh and super delicious.

We were not hungry, but not near full. A pizza would be too much for us to handle, but we still wanted more. The bf and I both ADORE baked potatoes, so…

Potato skins (115 HKD) was quite a good value. Baked potatoes (with skin retained) are always and forever good. We totally enjoyed it. I only wished that they had given us some more sour cream on the side, it would boost everything up to a whole new level.

My face got bloated thanks to all the food.

It was a very good meal, albeit over priced. I am not sure if I will come back, but I don’t regret visiting the place. Now I can tell every person who knows Pepperonis in Hanoi that I have been to THE ORIGINAL place. And I think that that’s cool.
Check out Pepperonis’s location & menu here: http://www.casteloconcepts.com/home.


3 thoughts on “[eat] Tracing the original Pepperonis @ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

  1. If I didn’t look closely enough, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the guacamole in on the corn chips. And I agree with your assessment on the baked potato and sour cream. Quite an eclectic range of food for a pizza place.

    • They do have lots of different foods, one of my fav. is ribs.
      And who doesn’t love sour cream? I just don’t think that it is possible to not love sour cream (or any kind of edible cream, for that matter).

      • I considered whether it was possible to disagree with you about cream, but of course I can’t. Unless you’re allergic or lactose intolerant, in which case, you probably still love it, but it’s an unrequited love.

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