[eat] Beef steak & mushroom sandwiches at Lord Sandwich @ Sinchon, Seoul

Guys, it’s been one month since I started this blog. How time flies! I don’t want to be cheesy, but I am so happy to see it grow and receive support. Thanks a lot for viewing, liking, and commenting. I feel encouraged and motivated to eat out more often and to share my experience when I see traffic from all over the world.
The semester has been going on for 3 weeks and finally I have a chance to go back to Lord Sandwich — my favorite SW place in Seoul. I have been to LSW numerous times but I am always fascinated, captured, blown away by how delicious their SW are. As usual, I chose beef steak SW (14000 KRW) and indulged in the medium rare, tender like mother’s love, beef. The vegetarian friend opted for Mushroom SW (actually there were mushroom, zucchini, and eggplant). His SW was surprisingly good, insanely good, really. I wouldn’t mind being a herbivore if I got this kind of food everyday.

My baby beef steak SW. As good as ever. The basil garlic olive oil adds a touch of perfection to the quintessential steak. The ciabatta bread is fresh and aromatic. I adore it sfm.

Medium rare:

Healthy salad with vinaigrette sauce:

Mushroom SW (8000 KRW). Amazing stuff. Okay I admit that I stole 3 bites because it was my friend’s so I didn’t get to try the mushroom, but the zucchini & eggplant were cooked to perfection and well marinated. Excellent choice for vegetarians. And it’s only 8000 KRW!

It was an awesome lunch. LSW never lets me down. You can check out the direction here.


10 thoughts on “[eat] Beef steak & mushroom sandwiches at Lord Sandwich @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. Tender like mother’s love. That’s a brilliant descriptor. You’ll have to forgive me if I use it myself one day. Great photos, I don’t know if I would be able to fit in the salad after all the delicious sandwich.

  2. “Thanks a lot for viewing, liking, and commenting.” <== yeah, you should have a seperate blog to thank me as well. =)) for keep reading over and over everytime i eat.

  3. Im loving ur blogposts! really helpful cos im gng to seoul(again) in may and this time I plan to eat as much good food as possible. keep the beef posts coming! ^^

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  5. Hello! Nice to meet you.

    Now I saw your blog, and it is very interesting.
    The humberger looks very delicious.
    If you like, please come to my blog and, give me your opinion.
    For example, the place that you want to know, the Japanese food you want to eat, and so on.

    I will improve it every day.

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