[eat] Fish and chips at Battered Sole @ Sinchon, Seoul

Yesterday I went out with The Face of my blog and his French friend to check out the relatively new Fish and Chips restaurant near Yonsei campus: Battered sole. It was seriously the best fish n chips I had ever had. I confess that I am not the biggest fan of this British delicacy because, as I solemnly stated before, I am quite sensitive to grease, yet I can easily tell why my two companions waxed lyrical about what Battered Sole offered. The portion was huge. The mushy peas and tartar sauce were great. The moist and succulent fish was wrapped in crispy golden batter, accompanied by a hefty pile of tastiest chips. Although I couldn’t finish the whole portion because the batter was quite greasy, it was a great meal.

We all ordered the beer-battered cod (11900 KRW).

Huge cod fillet in golden goodness:


Yummy old-school chips:

Moist moist cod fish:


My only complaint is that I wish they had given me a bigger slice of lemon, given how huge the fillet was. Also, if the lights had been brighter, I would have been able to take better pictures. I know, first world problem.

Battered sole (http://batteredsole.com), Sinchon station exit 2; Monday -> Saturday, 5pm -> late.

The Face of my blog & his friend: a FRENCH FACE.


7 thoughts on “[eat] Fish and chips at Battered Sole @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. Hopefully you can make it to NZ one day to try out the fish and chips here, especially if you’re sensitive to grease we have some joints that are good for that. The lemon wedge is pretty small for such a mighty looking piece of fish. Is lemon expensive there or something?

    • NZ always tops my list of must-go countries. I fell in love with it via Lord of the Rings, and it is my bf’s wish that he could find a job in NZ so we can settle there :D
      Lemons are not too expensive, I think, around 1000 KRW (<1usd) per lemon but you can get better deal if they are on sale. It is lime's price that is over the top — when they are available, which is rarely, it's around 2000 KRW for a tiny waterless lime.

  2. Mom asked me of British traditional food, and i said “only Fish and Chip” then she was like “wtf” and laughed non-stop. :-< Man, i hate British food alot.

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