[eat] Indulge yourself at Burger B @ Hongdae, Seoul

As I took a look at my food photos, it occurred to me that it’s been exactly one year since I first visited Burger B. From that day until now, Burger B has always been my no.1 place to eat out in Hongdae. Though my heart definitely beats faster when I see Jacoby’s Burger, Burger B proudly holds the second spot of best burgers in Korea for me.

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The Peckish Kiwi nominated me a Liebster Award. In case you are wondering what it is, it is a blog award for new bloggers with fewer than 300 followers (but some say 2000… I don’t know). The nominated blogger is supposed to nominate other bloggers to spread the love (liebster = dearest/most beloved in German; ah how I adore that language). But I don’t know 11 bloggers, I will refrain from nominating for now. Once I do, I will sure share this, because the badge looks awesome xD

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