[eat] Indulge yourself at Burger B @ Hongdae, Seoul

As I took a look at my food photos, it occurred to me that it’s been exactly one year since I first visited Burger B. From that day until now, Burger B has always been my no.1 place to eat out in Hongdae. Though my heart definitely beats faster when I see Jacoby’s Burger, Burger B proudly holds the second spot of best burgers in Korea for me.

Let’s just say that Burger B’s burgers are awesome. The buns are of high quality, and as BB’s burgers are not soaked in cheese or sauce, the buns feel firm in your hand from the first bite to the last. The beef patty is thick and juicy; the quality of meat is very consistent at Hongdae branch. When I was at another brand at Nuritkum Square, however, they grilled the patties for too long. I also like how most of the time, they give us arugula instead of lettuce, for the first has that spicy-bitter greenness that goes so well with beef and cheese.

Ultimate BB burger set (12000 KRW): most popular item I guess. The burger consists of a thick patty with caramelized onion and gruyere cheese; skinny fries (crunchy golden skinny fries) and a shot of milkshake are served on the side.

So much goodness:

The patty:

The fries:

Bad news, though, now at Burger B in Hongdae, they don’t serve this set on the wooden board anymore. You can still have the board if you go to Burger B in Gangnam & Nuritkum Square.

How it should look now:

But my most favorite item is Gorgonzola burger (8300 KRW). The marriage between the sharp, pungent taste of the cheese and the juicy smoky beef patty is a heavenly match.

Another great item is the Mushroom burger. The moist sautéed mushroom adds a special touch to the cheese & beef combo:

Oozing sexiness:

Bacon burger (7500 KRW)–not the best thing on the menu just because other options are simply too great.

But look at the patty! And bacons!

BBQ burger (8000 KRW). It was okay. I never like BBQ sauce anyway.

Burger B has an extensive menu and they seem to do everything right. Fish and Chips (15000 KRW) were quite decent, and the way they presented it forced me to take tons of photos.

This beauty………

Thick yummy wedges; but I wouldn’t mind if the fish had been less greasy:

Chili fries–great great great chili (6500 KRW).

Thick wedges with spicy chili–ultimate comfort food.

Burger B has a decent range of drink selection, albeit over priced (luckily it’s not the case for their food). And did I mention their shakes? All are super full-bodied, thick, and bursting with flavor. Their shakes alone make a great dessert.

Burger B has 3 branches in Hongdae, Apgujeong, and Nuritkum Square (uhm the nearest subway is Digital Media City Station). I often go to the one in Hongdae:


5 thoughts on “[eat] Indulge yourself at Burger B @ Hongdae, Seoul

  1. That looks like a really decent burger joint. Too bad they’ve taken away the wooden boards, the meals aren’t nearly as photogenic without them. The shot of milkshake on the side is a stroke of genius.

    • Yeah the wooden boards make the pictures much better. They used to give us bigger milkshakes, but well, inflation, financial crisis etc. simply results in the dwindling size of the glass :D

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