[eat] Gobble down Spicy chicken soup at 오두막 @ Sinchon, Seoul

Did I tell everyone that I love chicken? Koreans have their own way with chicken, be it fried, baked, or steamed. Yesterday, I had a chance to try out 오두막 (Odumak) in Sinchon and absolutely ADORED it. I came across the name 오두막 a week ago and the picture of their Dak Meun Tang (Spicy chicken soup) has been haunting me even in my sleep…

The place’s reviews are always more than positive, and they serve chicken, and it is just like 10 minutes away from Yonsei main gate, so why not give it a try? 오두막’s most popular items are the spicy chicken soup (닭매운탕–20000 KRW) and potato pancakes (감자전–11 KRW). At the end of the meal we asked for 2 portions of bokkeumbab (볶음밥–2000 KRW per portion). That should be enough for 4 people. There were only 3 people at my table including me, so I stuffed myself so full that I felt like chicken feathers were coming out of my pores at the end of the meal.

It was a cozy, dim-lighted, low ceiling place. This is where we were seated. Cute huh?

Quail eggs as side dish. So generous! And we got free refills!!! I mean, it is not that awesome to have free refills of quail eggs, but I was so excited.

Potato pancakes:

Ugh they were SO gooddddd:

And here came the main dish: Spicy chicken soup. LOTS of chicken and bean sprouts, as well as tteok (떡–rice cake) and potatoes and mushrooms:

Though it looked red and scary, it was not that spicy. It tasted superb, too.

The chicken was sooooooooooo soft and moist, because, as the owner said, they used fresh chicken everyday instead of frozen chicken.

After finishing the soup, we asked for some fried rice. They took the pot away and came back with this:

It was fried rice mixed with fish eggs and perilla leaves (깻잎–ggaennip). Perilla leaves make everything better. Mixed with the flavor of the soup, our fried rice was so delicious it made me cry.

It was a great, great meal. The only thing that should be noted is that 오두막 is more like a drinking place, their foods are like anju (안주–food to serve with alcohol). We got away with ordering only soft drinks, but most customers had soju on their tables.

Food menu:

오두막 Odumak, Sinchon station exit 2.


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