[eat] Real French crêpes at La Celtique @ Sinchon, Seoul

Hi guys, I have something French to share today. I just came back from La Celtique–a French bistro that receives lots of buzz for its authentic French crêpes. The French Face–being French, obviously–raves wildly about the place and, well, I suppose that I should trust a French on French food right? So today, The French Face, the Face of my Blog, and I went to La Celtique to get a taste of France.

I ordered “Complete” (crêpe with jambon, egg, and Gruyère cheese) (10900 KRW) and my friends order 2 “Super Complete” (11900 KRW) in which Gruyère cheese is replaced by Emmental cheese, and champignon de Paris aka. button mushroom is added. Everything is imported from France (except for eggs, of course; I believe that eggs have a very cosmopolitan flavor…), and you can really taste that (not to mention the fact that the chef is French, too). Our dishes were phenomenal. The crêpes were super fluffy with a hint of sweetness to them. Gruyère cheese has that distinctive and “sophisticated” taste which goes so well with the light crêpes. As I tried the Face of my blog’s mushroom, it was super fresh and tasted so delicate.


Super Complete:

Ah sunny side ;A;

The fresh complimentary salad was really good with the sauce:

Eat it properly: Spread the egg yolk

The Face of my Blog desserted it up with a plain crêpe with sugar:

WHile the French face went with Moelleux chocolat:

Menu (I was not allowed to take pictures lol so I can’t show the full menu):

La Celtique, Sinchon station exit 4.

The Face of my Blog & The French Face:


6 thoughts on “[eat] Real French crêpes at La Celtique @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. I didn’t know you were supposed to spread the egg like that. The last time I had French crêpes was from a little cart at a beach. I think if I’d spread the yolk I would have just got all over me.

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