[tea house] Enjoy your life at Chloris Salon de Thé @ Sinchon, Seoul

Do you have a favorite coffee shop/tea house, which you love not because of the drinks they offer but because of the atmosphere? I think that I have found one: Chloris in Sinchon. It doesn’t mean that what I had there was bad–far from that. But what will keep me coming back is its calm and soothing atmosphere. Drinking Earl Grey on a spring Sunday afternoon in a classy tea house–that is total inspiration for me.

Chloris in Hongdae has been my favorite hangout spot for a year–it is bright, fresh, spacey, beautiful, and they offer some very innovative tea-related drinks. Chloris http://www.cafechloris.co.kr is a chain with 5 branches located in different parts of Seoul: the ones in Hongdae and Gangnam Finance Center are called Chloris Tea&Coffee, while 2 other in Sinchon and one in Samcheongdong are title Chloris Tea Garden or Salon de Thé. As a result, the firsts are more sleek and modern; the latters have a classy touch to them; the range of drinks hardly changes. I love both, though. I will sure write about Chloris Tea&Coffee one day.

Every table has this.

I sat outside so I couldn’t take pictures of the interior. But the inside, while seemed very cozy, was dim-lighted–bad news for an amateur food photographer lol.

At Chloris Salon de Thé in Sinchon, I ordered Earl Grey (6500 KRW) & Cookie cream cake (5000 KRW). I am a fan of Earl Grey. I have stocked up enough Twinings’ Earl Grey & Lady Grey for my whole semester in Korea but I was curious to try what Chloris would give me.

The tea came with complimentary biscuits. They look better than they taste:

They used Wedgwood Earl Grey and it tasted great. It felt more bergamot-y, and a tad fruity compared to Twinings. I can’t tell what I prefer, but I would perhaps drink Wedgwood in a lovely sunny morning and save Twinings for a chilly day.

The cake was quite good but not out of the world. I only ordered for the sake of photo-taking actually so I didn’t expect much :))

The table looks so lovely!

Nothing better than a perfect cup of hot tea…

Accompanied by a sweet bite:


(The Milk tea snow blossom is another favorite of mine)

I totally adore the place. I have decided that I will go to Chloris every Sunday afternoon to get inspired. Sometimes your inspiration can be violently violated, though, when the Korean gals sitting across you talk like a damn machine without a minute’s rest to breathe… Any tea garden should have a big, scary sign of “Please shut up” hung at the entrance so humans can treat each other with more consideration.


Chloris Salon de Thé, Sinchon station exit 4:


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