[eat] Pork ribs & baked chicken at COB구어조은닭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I have a lowcarb buddy. Well, obviously, we are on a lowcarb diet together so day and night we dream of meat. Yesterday, after finishing nuestra clase de español (lol) we decided to get out of the campus to look for some protein. After a stroll around Sinchon, we decided to drop in Shin Dubu House (dubu = tofu) for some baked chicken.

So how can we end up eating meat in a (very famous) tofu restaurant? Apparently, COB구어조은닭 (a chicken brand http://likech.com) has teamed up with Shin dubu so they could cater to the needs of more customers. Genius. Everybody there was ordering tofu soup, while we were the only people to get a set of Pork rib & Baked chicken original (29000 KRW). From the picture, we had high hopes that it would be a great value.

Salad came first:

After a while our baked chicken came:

For baked chicken, COB came up to our expectations and beyond. You see, in Korea there is this Oppadak baked chicken chain which has the best chicken in the peninsula, and I am not the only person to agree with this claim. It was surprising to find that COB baked chicken was just as good. Somehow the skin was dead crispy, while the meat still retained its tenderness and sweetness. Another bonus point: usually we have to leave the neck after the meal because it is impossible to get any meat out; this time, we could just chew and swallow the whole thing without any problem. I was impressed.

If you are not dead hungry, this could be easily satisfying for two:

The meat:

The best thing was, as the friend put it, we still had more meat coming. And here are the ribs:

So much protein:

Not drenched in sauce–just the way I like.

Gorgeous combo:


Menu–full of chicken lol…

And on the last page you can finally find tofu soup:

For 29000 KRW, it was definitely a great value. We stuffed ourselves too full after the meal, so I guess that what we ordered could easily be enough for 3 people. If it hadn’t been for me having a blog, I will just come back again and again lol. Baked chicken is ideal for my diet xDDD

COB구어조은닭 & Shin Dubu House, Sinchon station exit 3:


2 thoughts on “[eat] Pork ribs & baked chicken at COB구어조은닭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. omg the ribs are gorgeous ;ooo; but are you sure everything’s carb-free =}
    and why didnt you try writing the entry in tiếng Tây = }}}} c’mon challenge yourself =}}}

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