[eat] “Belgian” sandwiches at Big Bread @ Sinchon, Seoul

As I stalk Korean food blogs, I notice that the name Big Bread often comes up. It is a bistro that I have passed by numerous times but I always thought that it was something like Paris Baguette or Tous les Jours (Korean bakery chains trying to be European by coming up with a French name). I never noticed that it was a Belgian restaurant until I checked the website http://bigbread.co.kr. “Original Belgian Bistro”? Sounds fun to me. So today Austin and I went there for lunch. We opted for the lunch set (28500 for 2 sandwiches, Belgian fries, soup of the day, and coke).

Pumpin soup: quite tasty. I hadn’t had soup since foreverrrr so I basically just slurped down till the last drop:

Our sandwiches came after a while:

Shrimp and garlic sandwich (11400 KRW if you order separately)–love the prawns but I wish the garlic flavor had been stronger (I am a fan of garlic). The bread was really soft–it would be superb if we had eaten it when it was hot instead of taking like 1273783483783 photos lol…

Huge shrimp is huge:

My Croque Speciale (10400) with “European cheese” (aka. Kirklands cheese but it was so good I loved it), ham, bologne sauce and egg.

“Belgian fries” actually tasted like normal fries:

Our table:

Quite a great value for 28500 KRW I must say:


Our lunch was good but not life-changing. Our sandwiches were very delicious, but I am afraid I still think that nothing can beat Lord Sandwich in my heart. Plus, I didn’t find anything particular “Belgian” or “European”. But if you happen to be in Sinchon, Big Bread can be a decent place for lunch.


Big Bread is next to La Celtique so please refer to the map in La Celtique post.


5 thoughts on “[eat] “Belgian” sandwiches at Big Bread @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. That looks thoroughly delicious. The conjoined egg twins look great and the little flower sleeves on the cokes are cute. I agree with you on the garlic too. Give me a lot, then add a little bit more please.

  2. I guess you didn’t find it particularly ‘Belgian’ because you didn’t eat something that is actually Belgian. However, there are a decent amount of Belgian dishes on the menu. For example, typical beef stew, the pork chops, the eel, the waterzooi, the pancakes …

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