[misc] Excited for Spring

April is the cruelest month, says T.S. Eliot. Not quite, I guess. It is fascinating to see how spring flowers slowly light up the campus and bang! one day you wake up and you see flowers everywhere. I am so excited for the coming few weeks as I will have a great excuse to not study–cherry blossoms will be in full blooms and any sensible person out there would just chill and appreciate what spring has to offer. Studying is the matter of a lifetime, cherry blossoms, on the other hand, only bloom once a year.
I am in a nostalgic mood so I will just compile a spam post of Spring flowers photos I took last year. In a few week, I will spam my blog with photos of this spring.

My campus:

Namsan park:

Flowers everywhere:

Meanwhile at my campus right now :D


4 thoughts on “[misc] Excited for Spring

  1. Lovely pics. I was just in Seoul for vacation and was really sad that I was too early for the flowers =( Yonsei looks gorgeous! (That IS Yonsei right?) And btw, love your blog. It was really helpful for my friend and I when we went searching for “Nice Pig” in Hongdae =D

    • Too bad you couldn’t stay longer. In one week or two Seoul will be covered in flowers! I believe that the best time to visit Korea is spring and autumn–so many colors and flowers are literally everywhere.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked the “nice pig” buffet!

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