[eat] Chicken soup at 유닭스토리 @ Sinchon, Seoul

The lowcarb buddy and I have decided that every monday after our Spanish class we will eat out. Thus on my shoulders lies another burden: looking for a LOWCARB place for us–the skinny-wannabes–to stuff our faces without messing up our arduous strive to achieving (healthier?) skinnier bodies.
So last week we got to eat some really healthy baked chicken and pork ribs, what’s for this week then? I came up with 2 options: dakgalbi or baked chicken (again). The friend opted for the former, so dakgalbi it would be. However, being literally illiterate in reading maps, we couldn’t find the dakgalbi place. Luckily, as we were walking (aimlessly), we came across a place called YouDakStory (유닭스토리)–which serves chicken soup (similar to what I ate at 신촌영양센터. A gust suddenly blew over our faces. It was cold, what was a better remedy for cold than a boiling pot of chicken soup?

We chose Dakhanmari (Whole chicken–21000 KRW). The pot was HUGE I tell you. Along with the whole chicken (chopped up, of course), tteok, potatoes, bean sprouts, and green were also added. So it was basically the same stuff as at 신촌영양센터. But you know, just like one can hardly get tired of listening to a fine melody, chicken soup never ceases to inspire me.

Side dishes:

Kimchi was too salty, not recommended.

But this stuff was awesome:

Chicken came fast:

Soooo healthyyyyyy

Personally I think that the broth was better than what I had at Sinchon Nutrition Center. But perhaps it was because we could season our own broth (my friend added more salt while I poured like half of the pepper bottle into the soup lol). The result was awesome. We couldn’t stop slurping our broth like thirsty camels.

Soft moist chicken. Instead of eating it with the green-and-gochuchang-thing they gave us, we ate our chicken with salt-and-pepper. So much better.

So so sooo goooodddd


Another great meal. Chicken seriously can do no wrong. We wish we could have added some noodle or rice into the leftover of the soup, but hey, it was really satisfying. I highly recommend this place: the food is great, the price is reasonable, and the interior is bright and spacey.

YouDakStory, Sinchon station exit 4.


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