[tea house] Checking out the other Chloris Tea Garden @ Sinchon, Seoul

2 weeks ago I checked out Chloris Salon de Thé and decided that it would be my favorite place to chill for the rest of the semester. About 100m from Chloris Salon de Thé, however, lies another Chloris: Chloris Tea Garden. Of course I had to check it out. Turned out that I like the latter as much as the former…

The interior is much brighter than that of the Salon de Thé. While I enjoyed the outside seating at Salon de Thé, the inside was quite dark–it would be perfect for couples looking for a cozy (secluded) corner to share intimacy, but I just want a bright spot to read and study. As for the Tea Garden, the few seats near the big window gave me enough light to feel refreshed and to do my work that requires much eye power =)

Where I sat:

I also took some photos of their decor:

My tea came in an Oliver Twist pot with 2 complimentary biscuits:

This time I ordered the Maple sugar tea (7000 KRW). As I poured the deep orange liquid to my cup, I could totally smell the maple aroma and felt warm and fuzzy right away:

Cool cup and saucer:

I much preferred these biscuits to what I had at Salon de Thé.

The bill xD

A closer look of my cool pot:

These kept me chilled for ~3 hours:

I like this place as much as the other Chloris on the same street. The menu is identical and the atmosphere almost the same. I can’t choose between the two, but it is comforting to know that if one place is full, I have another tea house nearby to visit.

Please find the menu and the direction here.


12 thoughts on “[tea house] Checking out the other Chloris Tea Garden @ Sinchon, Seoul

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