[eat] Hearty Korean lunch at 가마솥뚜껑 @ Jamsil, Seoul

As I blogged, yesterday the lowcarb buddy and I made a trek to Seokchon lake to hail the blooming cherry blossoms. As we were happily posing like typical tourists, it rained, hard. And it was cold with strong wind slapping our faces :\ Deciding that no sensible person would wait under the rain until it stopped, we hurriedly left the lake and looked for a place to have lunch. I was worried, though: Cheap as we are, Jamsil (which belongs to the big-and-great-and-rich Gangnam area) can’t be an ideal place for lunch. After wandering around for 5 minutes, we came across a Korean restaurant whose food put huge smiles on our faces and restored my belief in human goodness.

Okay I was a bit sentimental. The reason why I said that it restored my belief in human goodness is that we could get unlimited side dishes for free. And the side dishes were GOOD. They didn’t serve that chemically-yellow radish which I abhor, but gave us freshly-made kimchi. In a corner piles of kimchi, salad, fish cakes, porridge, and chicken wings were ready to be devoured. Like seriously? Free wings??

Some of the free side dishes:

The green kimchi made we feel like healthy eaters lol:

Oh the wings:

The friend and I chose 돼지불백 (Dwaenji Bulbaek–5000 KRW per portion, you have to order at least 2 portions), which is basically sliced pork & vermicelli noodle simmered in soy sauce until the water evaporates, and 고등어김치조림 (Godeungeo Kimchi Chorim–5000 KRW)–mackerel and kimchi Chorim (ugh I don’t know how to translate this but I will put a picture later and try to explain).

Our Dwaenji Bulbaek came out first and it looked great:

Like BBQ, you are supposed to wrap the pork in leaves:

This stuff was awesome. I don’t know what leaf it is but its slight bitterness went so well with the meat:

We also got gochuchang, garlic, and 2 bowls of BEAN PASTE SOUP along with out order! How generous ;__; I didn’t take picture of the bean paste soup but it was really good. They even mixed anchovies with the soup–thanks for the extra protein, I was so touched.

Here is Godeungeo Kimchi Chorim. I tried this once in my school canteen last year and I loved it, which tasted just like the food I had at home and kept me sentimental for the whole meal. What we got yesterday was simply hearty, full-bodied, so simple yet so delicious.

Basically it was mackerel and kimchi simmered in soy sauce and other seasonings. The broth was quite thick but not too salty. It is ideal to pair this with rice (and they gave us 2 bowls of rice), but slurping on the broth alone is good enough.

Our table, you can see the bean paste soup:

By the time we finished our mackerel and kimchi soup, the meat was ready to eat. The soy sauce had evaporated, leaving the pork slices brown and divine:

As the pork had absorbed all the seasonings, it burst with salty-and-sweet flavor. So good:


It was an awesome meal. We couldn’t believe that for 15000 KRW for two people we could have such a satisfying and hearty lunch. Of all the restaurants we passed by at 11am, it was the only place with people inside, and by lunch time, it was almost packed. It seems to be a very popular place among Koreans there–and you know that a Korean restaurant is good when it is full of Koreans.

가마솥뚜껑, Jamsil station exit 2. It is nearby Seokchon lake, so if you happen to be around the lake for cherry blossoms, drop by 가마솥뚜껑 for a great lunch!


6 thoughts on “[eat] Hearty Korean lunch at 가마솥뚜껑 @ Jamsil, Seoul

  1. Gosh those lettuce leaves are so beautiful, I really tried to make kimchi but I can never find any I may half to go to Korea town in La and get some.. I really love the variety of food I bet you had a blast…

    • I did. I love homey hearty meal and I think that Korean food is at its best when kept simple.
      Good kimchi can be really good, and it’s good for your health. Good luck on your kimchi quest!

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