[eat] Pork belly with 8 different flavors at 팔색 @ Sinchon, Seoul (& some cherry blossom photos)

It is a beautiful spring day in Seoul today. What is a better way to enjoy this splendid weather than boosting your protein intake with some meat? After all the fancy french crêpes and fish and chips, the Face of my Blog, the French face, and I decided to go back to the basics by checking out Palsaik 팔색–a Korean BBQ restaurant that specializes in pork. What is so special about that banal, ordinary meat? But what we had at Palsaik simply amazed us.

Palsaik means 8 colors in Korean. Here at Palsaik, they offer us 8 flavors of samgyeopsal (pork belly): samgyeopsal marinated in ginseng sauce, wine sauce, pine needles sauce, garlic sauce, herb sauce, curry sauce, soybean paste (dwaenjang) sauce, and hot pepper (gochujang) sauce. You are supposed to eat them in that order to enjoy the meat to the full. We chose the 30000 KRW option, which gave us 8 samgyeopsal flavors, a pot of haemul dwaenjang jjigae (seafood & soybean paste soup), and unlimited refills of leaves and salad. It should be enough for 3 people.

The leaves & the soup came first. I love how the table was set. It just looked so… polite.

Fresh leaves and salad:

The soup–not amazing but good enough:

The meat came in its glory! 8 flavors of pork!! We were so elated.

The staff put some kimchi on the grilling plate first:

Followed by ginseng, wine, pine needles, and garlic marinated meat:

The Face of my blog and the French faces were immediately put in a good mood:

I mean how can you NOT be happy?

Our bliss when the meat was ready was indescribable:

You can choose to wrap the meat:

Or just enjoy it without any garnish. Man it was phenomenal. I had never thought that pork could be so delicious (wait I think that I like char siu as much, but char siu is like the national dish of Hong Kong so it should be good lol). We especially loved the wine, the pine needle, the herb, and the garlic meat. Well the first tasted, you know, winey–but there was something about that slightly piquant and “clean” taste which boosted the pork flavor. While pine needle sauce offered the meat a “sophisticated” touch, the garlic sauce gave it a more full-bodied feel. My personal favorite, herb pork, was simply great, as it tasted both robust and refined.

Herb sauce, curry sauce, soybean paste sauce, and hot pepper sauce:

Ginseng was okay, I’m not a fan of ginseng anyway. Curry sauce, soybean, and hot pepper, while they were quite tasty, were nothing special.

It was indeed a great meal. I adore how people can get so innovative and turn something so ordinary into great culinary feast. Definitely recommended.

For full menu please check http://www.palsaik.com/menu.html


Palsaik, Sinchon station exit 7:

After lunch we headed to Krispy Kreme to get our fix of donuts and took some very gay pictures under cherry blossom trees in Sinchon.

Ah c’est lavie :D


4 thoughts on “[eat] Pork belly with 8 different flavors at 팔색 @ Sinchon, Seoul (& some cherry blossom photos)

    • Thanks a lot for the comment Mr. Walsh! Jack is always enjoying himself and it is great to have him as the Face of my blog. You can ask him about his effect on my blog count–it is incredible :D

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