[eat] My most favorite waffle place: Waffle Bant @ Sinchon & Hongdae, Seoul

Ah Waffle Bant–how I love thee. Though I did write about Waffle Bant once in a compilation post, I feel like I didn’t give it the honor it deserves.
A few days ago I noticed that “Best waffle seoul” appeared in my Stats’ Search engine terms. Best waffle? Of course it can only be found at Waffle Bant. Waffle Bant is a Korean brand founded in 2001 with branches all over the country. The place specializes in waffles (obviously) and at the same time offers some amazing drinks (for menu please check http://wafflebant.com).

Waffles are like steak–the best waffles are those who can shine on their own without all the fancy topping and/or ice cream/whipped cream to boost, just like how a good steak needs no sauce or even a grain of salt. Don’t get me wrong, I love whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream is always welcome, but it is far nicer to enjoy a genuinely delicious waffle in its utmost simplicity. So far, only Waffle Bant can give me that unpretentious taste.

The waffles here (1900 KRW) are of medium size and width. The wonderful sweet aroma combined with the warmth of the freshly-made waffle is so comforting.

They have just the right amount of sweetness. The moist waffles are delicately wrapped in a thin caramelized coating.

Golden brown and shiny:

I am a huge fan of their Yogurt smoothie (4300 KRW). It is so luscious but not insanely sweet; it is thick but thoroughly refreshing–a perfect drink for summer day (or any day for that matter).

The best summer remedy:

Uplifting and beautiful:

Waffle Bant is all over the country but I find myself frequenting the Sinchon and Hongdae branches.

Sinchon branches:
Sinchon station exit 1:

Sinchon station exit 4 or Edae station exit 1:

Hongdae branches:
Hongdae station exit 8:

Sangsu station exit 1 or Hapjeong station exit 4:


9 thoughts on “[eat] My most favorite waffle place: Waffle Bant @ Sinchon & Hongdae, Seoul

  1. I pass one of those every day on my way to work. I might have to try it, now. I usually feel guilty when I think about it because there is a food stall directly across from it where a woman sells regular waffles with some cream and a caramel, chocolate or strawberry drizzle. She gets so excited whenever I swing by that I feel like she would feel betrayed if she saw me going to Waffle Bant.

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