[leisure] Cherry blossoms at Yonsei Sinchon campus @ Sinchon, Seoul

Hi fellow cherry-blossom-anticipators. For cherry blossoms, perhaps Yeouido and Namsan are the two most popular places for flower watching. But I heard that the flowers have yet to participate in this spring. Fear not, because there are other places in Seoul for you to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms. For example,
Seokchon lake has turned into a heavenly one thanks to the myriad of full-bloomed sakura; and if you happen to be in the Sinchon/Edae area, pay Yonsei University campus a visit to enjoy the radiant rays of colorful blooms.

As you walk into Yonsei campus from the main gate you will be greeted by this:

To your left is…

And Baekyang hall:

The road leading to Theology Hall:

In front of Oesol Hall–drop dead gorgeous:

From there you can walk to the front of Underwood hall:

Walk past Underwood Hall and up to Yonhee Hall…

And walk down to check out the other sides of these buildings:

A wall of purple flowers:

The perfect backdrop for any picture:


Walk across the woods:

Spend some time resting there =} afterwards you can either explore the campus more, or head to Sinchon for some bites.

How to get to Yonsei Sinchon campus: Exit 2 Sinchon station, walk straight to the tunnel, the main gate is across the street.
Campus map.


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