[eat] Super duper paninis at A to Z Cafe @ Sinchon, Seoul

I love paninis–the bf used to make the best paninis in the world for me with fine cheese and chicken breast ;~;. But come to think of it, before yesterday I only had panini outside home ONCE in all my time in Korea and was not immensely impressed. However, at A to Z Cafe, I was able to rediscover the beautiful flavor I fell in love with again and again. On the same road as extremely lovely places like Chloris Tea Garden or Chloris Salon de Thé, A to Z Cafe’s interior (AND exterior) are comparable in charm. The prices are very reasonable for great paninis and yummy drinks.

It was quite dark inside but I loved how on each stable stood a lamp–it made our seating much cozier and easier for me to take pictures.

The 3 of us ordered 2 paninis + 1 salad: 4 cheese panini, Bulgogi and eggplant panini, and Homemdae ricotta cheese salad (8500 KRW for each); together with 2 drinks: Ice strawberry latte (7000 KRW) & Grapefruit squash (6500 KRW). The bill came at 39000 KRW which was 13000 KRW per head–great price for a filling, delicious, and beautiful lunch for gals xD

A to Z Cafe’s drinks always come with complimentary pretzel and cuteeeeeee tiny toys (I had to exercise herculean self-restraint in order to not steal them).

Grapefruit squash:

Ugh the Strawberry ice latte was soooooooo adorbssssss I couldn’t resist taking like 3 millions photos of it:


Just when I thought that I could take a rest from taking photos, Ricotta cheese salad came…

There was LOTS of cheese–and the salad could totally be a meal on its own. However, I didn’t really feel the flavor of ricotta cheese.

4 cheese panini came with honey dipping sauce… I felt so ashamed because I couldn’t tell the cheeses apart -.-‘I detected Swiss, but that’s all… Nevertheless, it was a great panini and would make a perfect choice for vegetarians (along with the mushroom panini, which, in my friend’s words, was super yummy).


MY panini–bulgogi and eggplant panini. I usually don’t like hybrid food, but after all, panini is a very versatile recipe, you can basically put anything between pieces of bread, right? And I love bulgogi–the sweet salty flavor of beef is always a BIG WIN. I totally fell in love with my panini. The meat was not dry and seasoned just right, they gave me a generous portion of cheese; but my biggest curiosity was where my eggplant was xD I didn’t mind, though. But it would be much better if I could feel the eggplant.

Lots of meat:

And lots of cheese:

Side salad:

Our table was heartbreakingly beautiful:



I absolutely adore A to Z cafe: great food, great drink, great ambience, great location, great price. It can be a lovely place for a date, a friendly cafe for vegetarians, and an awesome spot to enjoy good food (and take lots of pictures).

A to Z Cafe is next to 신촌영양센터. Please refer to the map in that post.


3 thoughts on “[eat] Super duper paninis at A to Z Cafe @ Sinchon, Seoul

    • Where there is a university, there must be much more excitement. I’m sure that there are lots of great eats in Gangnam as well, but the price must reflect the life style :D

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