[eat] Dakgalbi at 알쌈꼬꼬 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I love dakgalbi (닭갈비). The marinated chicken stir-fried with gochuchang, cabbages, tteok, potatoes etc. in a hugeeeee pot just feels so right for any day and anytime. Dakgalbi restaurants–like BBQ ones–are everywhere in Sinchon, but I usually stick to Yoogane–a supa famous dakgalbi chain which has basically invaded every corner of the land of morning calm. There was nothing wrong in visiting Yoogane when I had a craving for dakgalbi yesterday, but I have been there so many times that I have likened Yoogane to the school canteen (which means there is nothing to write about). That’s why the lowcarb buddy and I decided to try another dakgalbi restaurant which has been highlighted by several Korean food bloggers: 알쌈꼬꼬 (Alssam Kkokko).

Cool picture isn’t it? I mean, compared to this messy Yoogane’s, 알쌈꼬꼬 has indeed another level of aesthetic:

Too bad this graceful pollo presentation endeavors to conceal the paucity of protein. I still remember the first time I encountered with Yoogane’s dakgalbi pan: it was exotically huge and formidably massive. As my dakgalbi expertise grows, I came to realize that actually all dakgalbi places have pans of the same size. No, not the case here. Our 17000 KRW pan was tinyyyyyyyy. I mean TINYYYYYYYY. It was the size of a medium pizza at a stingy pizza hole. It was the size of Bilbo Baggins compared to Gandalf. It was just tiny :((

To make up for the miniature pan, they gave us a bunch of other stuffs…

Perilla leaves to wrap each chicken piece. That’s a smart idea, if you just pick up the chicken and throw it down your gullet, you will finish the whole portion for two in 5 minutes.

Fish eggs–loveeeeeeee this stuff xD I love eggs in general.

Gyeranjjim with cheese, not bad:

I must admit that our dakgalbi pan looks inspiring:

When inspiration is withered and violated:

Eat it like an expert: perilla leaf –> some mayonnaise –> seaweed –> fish egg –> chicken:

The combination was surprisingly good actually. Your standard dakgalbi, combined with the unbeatable flavor of perilla leaves and the crunchy feel of fish eggs, makes a very satisfying bite. That you have to meticulously go through 5 steps for a morsel can calm you down (no I’m joking) and the tiny pan somehow gave the friend and I two full tummies.

Yes it got better, 1 portion of fried rice (2000 KRW):



알쌈꼬꼬, Sinchon station exit 3:


4 thoughts on “[eat] Dakgalbi at 알쌈꼬꼬 @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. hello! may I ask do u think yoogane or this shop is better? I know both are nice haha but if in term of score which one will get higher score? thx

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