[misc] Buying tea online in Korea

Ever wonder where all the tea houses in Korea get tea from? I’m pretty sure that they don’t grab them from the racks at Foreign Market in Itaewon, but where? I have been asking myself that question for quite some time. After doing a little “research”, I was directed to several Korean websites that carry quite an impressive range of tea (at an equally impressive price lol).

Tea Garden is the leading website on tea. It has almost every big name out there: from Celestial to Twinings, from Dilmah to Harney & Sons, from Wedgwood to Mariage Frères. They also carry some impressive teaware items at an exorbitant price.

Alice Kitchen, likewise, has a very extensive selection of tea and they always have some kind of sale going on. I believe that if you can’t find some brands on Tea Garden, chance is you can get them on Alice Kitchen (Whittard, for example), and vice versa. Their range of tea ware is not bad, along with some very adorable kitchen utensils.

Tea House is another website offering a variety of brands. While I absolutely adore some of their mugs and tea cups, the prices of some are outrageous.

They sell this exact same pot here:

Tea-holic and Sweet Pekoe, on the other hands, offer a relatively modest selection. Rest assured, though, that you can find your standard Twinings, Ahmad, Celestial, or Nina’s Tea there. Apart from tea, they also sell many cute kitchen utensils and stationary (useless stuffs but we girls can’t stop squealing at them because they are too cute -.-).

Please note that if you want to order tea from these websites you have to be a legal resident in Korea because when you register as a member, you need to enter your ARC number. The prices are more or less the same in all these websites, and are (much) more expensive than buying them outside Korea. But I guess that we expats here have got used to it -.-‘

I believe that a cup of tea is of vital significance for our physical and mental health. Hope that my post can be of some use for you guys

My tea corner:


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