[eat] Checking out the newly opened Chakhan Pig @ Sinchon, Seoul

Chakhan Pig’s newly opened branch in Sinchon is a welcome addition to the vibrant Sinchon BBQ Life. Though I am not a fan of this chain–my visit to Chakhan Pig in Hongdae was mediocre at best–an BBQ buffet for around 10000 KRW can be a great option if you are in the mood for something meaty and not necessarily gourmet. Yesterday, to celebrate my losing some fat after dieting for 7 weeks, the lowcarb buddy and I decided to continue our lowcarb ritual by checking out the brand new Chakhan Pig in Sinchon.

Um to be honest there was nothing mind-blowing in our meal. At 10900 KRW for a BBQ dinner (9900 KRW for lunch), we had a hell of a lot of meat, and that was it. The meat was okay. One type of meat tasted like rubber, most were so-so, but the spicy pork & marinated beef were quite good. The most impressive item was the yangnyeom (marinated) chicken: juicy and yummy. The fried chicken was just as good, but I prefer the former because it had less coating.

Side dishes–marinated chicken is the picture on the right, first row:


Meat: both are meh.

Meh. Meh.

Quite tasty. A big meh.

Okay. Tasty.

Meh. Didn’t try.

Didn’t try.

I will never ever eat sausages at any BBQ place in Korea. Never.

At least the leaves were fresh:

The redeeming factor: CHICKEN.

So good I ate my heart out:


We tried almost every kind of meat:

And in the end only these prevailed:

Another redeeming item: oranges.

My verdict: The place was okay. However, I highly recommend the nearby Mammoth Grillhouse for its real quality meats and better atmosphere.

As it just opened a few days ago, Naver map has yet to add its location to the system. But Chakhan Pig is ~100m from COB구어조은닭 & Shin Dubu House in the direction of Sinchon station.


2 thoughts on “[eat] Checking out the newly opened Chakhan Pig @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. I’ve eaten at a similar buffet style place and wasn’t really impressed. I usually try and stick with the regular kinds of bb

    • Is that Meat-ing? Though I agree that you can’t find anything terribly gourmet at BBQ buffet, I must give credit to Mammoth because some of their meat selections are quite delectable.

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