[cafe] Unwinding at Cafe Oui @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Garosu-gil–the famous shopping/dining street in Gangnam, Seoul is notorious for its uber cute and extra girly coffee shops. Nestled in a modest corner of this busy street is one of the cutest cafes I have ever been to: Cafe Oui. While their fare is nothing too fancy or imaginative, it is the interior and the space that make Cafe Oui stand out, and thus attract a huge crowd of sophisticated (?) trendy Seoulites.

Space matters–the owner of Cafe Oui seems to grasp this simple yet vital concept quite well. Who wants to enjoy coffee and spend a lazy happy day in a cramped, noisy cafe? Yeah me neither. That is why Cafe Oui caught my eyes from the very first moment.

The loveliest outside seating:

First floor:

Up to second floor~

The second floor is simply huge: there are like 4 separate rooms, as well as a balcony for smokers:

Ugh 2 iMacs O-O

Gorgeous ;~;

Who doesn’t love this?



They have a very extensive menu and I simply could not take pictures of the full list. Let’s just say that the prices more or less reflect the Gangnam lifestyle but won’t make you cringe.

The (no longer lowcarb) buddy and I ordered Belgian waffles (11000 KRW) and a Cappuccino (6000 KRW). At 17000 KRW + 10% VAT, I think that it is a reasonable price to spend your afternoon away at a beautiful and quiet place.

Cappuccino came first with complementary bread:

Followed by our waffles–they were very good~ moist, soft, and smelled terrific!

So beautiful:

Cafe Oui, Apgujeong station exit 5:


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