[eat] Strictly for the anorexic: Jane’s Picky Pizza @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Okay maybe the title sounds a bit mean, but I’m not going to change it. I think I have found the perfect diet for people who wanna look like many exceptionally skinny girls in Korea, and especially in Gangnam: head to Jane’s Picky Pizza (JPP)–where you can eat like 10 Jane-sized pizzas at a time without getting any fatter.

I like the idea behind JPP–you can choose up to 3-4 pizzas without breaking the bank, as each 15-cm pizza costs 4500 KRW. It won’t make you any chubbier as well, as the pizza crusts are thin as papers, and the toppings are minimal. In a nutshell, you won’t get 4500 KRW worth.

In the pictures they look quite big, but I could finish the whole pizza in two bites.

Though it sounds like I have been complaining through out this post, I actually am not. I understood very well that I was hanging out in Gangnam, so I didn’t have the faintest expectation of getting my money’s worth. The toppings, though skimpy, were of good quality. The cheese were delectable and the veggies fresh. While the crusts were not those of real pizzas–the crispiness made them a joy to chew. At least they made an effort to make their own pizza “crusts”–though I believe that it’d be much better to simply use tortillas.

Ricotta–loved the cheese:

Toscana and Granducato tasted more or less the same:

I know it sounds stupid, but actually I came here because of the tray–I thought that they looked very elegant. And I guess that many girls think the same thing too, because pizza lovers would never go to this place.

Though I will never go back to JPP, I still think that it is an, uhm, amusing place to check out if you or your girlfriends have an appetite of a locust (why locust? I don’t know, it just came to my mind).

Jane’s Picky Pizza, Apgujeong station exit 5.

For menu please go here. They no longer have the set menu though, according to the waitress.


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