[eat] Waffles at Waffle It Up & Mint Oreo Choco Latte at Gridaggum @ Edae, Seoul

Yesterday, after commuting on the train for 4 hours, stuffing ourselves with Uzbekistani & Vietnamese food (authentic stuffs, tasted like heaven, will blog later), the lowcarb buddy and I still braved the streets of Edae for some shopping (girls are serious when it comes to shopping). Before our inevitable collapse (we had been traveling across Seoul, doing lots of walking, and eating an inestimable amount of food over the past 2 days), we still managed to trudge to Waffle It Up–a tiny waffle place in Edae for more calories~~

The place was okay. Waffles were too hard for my liking~ They tasted decent but nothing awe~~~some~~~. I prefer the ice cream to the waffle though–we ordered green tea ice cream and it tasted bitter-sweet (literally) in a great way. But I am a big complainer, so I wish it had been a little bit creamier. In any case, Waffle Bant still holds the title of Best Waffles in Seoul in my heart.

Rock-hard waffles, but at least they looked adorbs:


6400 KRW:

The price is weird, 2 waffles for 2000 KRW but for a scoop of ice cream you need to add 4400 KRW O_O

We also tried an Oreo Mint Choco Latte at a nearby newly-open place called Gridaggum–so so good :( But at the end of the day I’m not sure if I got my 4000 KRW worth~

To give you a sense of how big the cup was:


Waffle It Up, Edae staton exit 2:

Gridaggum is nearby…


8 thoughts on “[eat] Waffles at Waffle It Up & Mint Oreo Choco Latte at Gridaggum @ Edae, Seoul

      • I read about your diet. I’m not sure how it’s possible to eat so many waffles and be low carb ;) Maybe Korean waffles are magic diet food? ^^

      • It is lowcarb diet. I stayed away from carb for the first 2 weeks–absolutely NO carb at all (I could eat as much meat/fat/vegetable as possible though). After the first 2 weeks, I have been eating carb twice a week–that is when I can eat waffles xD Other days of the week I go out and eat meat. That’s how I manage to lose weight yet eat out often enough to have something to update my blogs.

      • I tried low-carb once. I hated it. I get headaches and I would find myself getting up and going to make a sandwich without even thinking about it. After that I decided I would just exercise more and try to cut out some of the bad stuff, not all. Much less stress and zombie eating that way.

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