[cafe] Sweet treats at Caffe Caffe @ Sinchon, Seoul

I have been meaning to write a post about Caffe Caffe–a quite popular small quiet coffee shop in Sinchon for a while. It is my favorite place in Sinchon mostly because I have such beautiful memories there. Though their coffee and lattes are really good, and their cakes amazing, I wish I could say the same thing about the atmosphere. I enjoy chilling at Caffe Caffe at around 11am (when they have just open) on the second floor, when there is no one around. But once the first herd of Korean gals come in, your moment of silence and reflection is brutally disrupted. As the shop is quite small, whatever they say simply echoes in your ears. Your tranquil morning will be ruthlessly disturbed by the gals’ ear-piercing, hi-pitched, voices, combined with loud AND bad music (which is often the case). As much as I love Caffe Caffe, I visit it less and less frequently; and instead go to the more quiet Chloris Tea Garden nearby. However, sometimes I still have a craving for some beautiful cakes and my feet will lead me there.

Caffe Caffe is a popular cafe I may say. Unless you visit the place very early, you should go to their second flood first to find a seat before placing your orders on the first floor. The most popular items are green tea latte and mint choco latte. There is hardly anyone sitting there without a cake, so you should definitely try.

I believe that this is a hot mint green tea latte but they no longer carry this item. Love it. But its relatives: Green tea lattes (both hot and cold) are equally yummy.

Or you can choose Mint choco latte (4500 KRW), which is smooth and full-bodied. The unincorporated melted chocolate remainder at the bottom of your cup is a great treat.

Now to indulge your sweet tooth: their pecan pie (4500 KRW) is excellent. The filling has just the right amount of sweetness and moisture.

So good you only need to pair it with an Iced americano:

Their carrot cake is another personal favorite of mine. Before taking a bite, I was a bit worried that the pie looked dry and the cream was just ordinary whipped cream. Nope. It was super moist and fluffy; and the hearty cream filling and frosting were made with Cream cheese. Ugh cream cheese. One of the best things that Western culinary culture has to offer.

Yep, so good that you only need to pair it with a Hot americano =}

Their strawberry cake (6500 KRW) was also very good. The fresh slightly sour strawberry taste went quite well with the fluffy filling and the flaky crust:

I also adore their Chocolate cake (5500 KRW), which was not sweet to the point of giving me a toothache, but instead retained a hint of bitterness in both taste and aroma.

Their second floor–it is really small:

A studying session here is NOT recommended =)) but it could be a nice place for some (loud) talks and yummy cakes.

Caffe Caffe, Sinchon station exit 2.


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