[eat] Pollo pleasure at 자연담은 치킨&호프 @ Sinchon, Seoul

Ah, the world of fried/baked chicken in Korea. What a wonderful world. Sometimes I find it ridiculous that fried/baked chicken is among the best, if not The Best, Korean culinary contributions to our global eatery. My chicken experiences in Korea have ranged from okay, to good, to very good, to outstanding. I cannot recall any instance in which I have regretted a single bite of pollo here in Korea–even the pollo skewers at the local MiniStop are quite edible. Yesterday, once again I was pleasantly surprised at what I had at 자연담은 치킨&호프 (Jayeondameun Chicken and Hof–http://www.ijadam.com) in Sinchon (but it has branches all over the country).

There were 11 of us and we ended up ordering 2 portions of Chimaek fried chicken (Chimaek 치맥 = chicken with beer; despite the name, we didn’t have to/feel inclined to order beer to pair with our order); 3 portions of Gueun sunsal padak (baked boneless chicken with onions. (Learn the word Padak before you go to Korea, it is the national dish. Pa = green onions, dak = chicken. Make sure to call green onions Pa to impress your Korean friends, plus, it sounds cute.)); and 1 portion of Baked BBQ chicken. I went cray cray for Chimaek; loved loved the Padak; and found the last dish okay.

BBQ chicken (16000 KRW)–looks hot and sexy, tastes hot and okay. It was quite spicy, but I was disappointed to find that under the firey heat of the BBQ sauce was bland, not-yet-to-be-marinated, pollo (excuse my using pollo, I am studying español, and yes I am so into this idioma divertida.)

At least the meat was juicy:

Padak–everybody loved padak. At 17000 KRW, I thought that it was a great deal. We got quite a big pan of boneless, super succulent, well-seasoned chicken with a hefty amount of fresh pa on top. Looked good, tasted great.

Ah this little baby:

So good we ordered 1 more portion, in addition to our previous 2 orders.

The star of the show, Chimaek fried chicken (16000 KRW). I don’t know what to say. I was speechless. It was beautiful. I don’t know what they put in the coating but it was freaking good. I wanted to think that it was a mixture of ginger, saffron, and tumeric, because it tasted so exotically good and different from all other fried chicken I’ve had in Korea.

It was so gorgeous I wanted to cry:

Look at how big a piece was. Now that’s what a pollo piece should be.

It was an excellent meal. I highly recommend this place for the range of choices, the taste, the atmosphere, and the price. There was 11 of us, and the bill came at 105000 KRW for 6 portions of chicken and 3 soft drinks.


Another plus point for this Hof is that it is well-lit, clean, orderly, and quiet enough–which is totally different from many other Hofs in town.

Jayeondameun Chicken and Hof, Sinchon station exit 2:


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