[eat] Whole fried chicken at 오늘통닭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I have been eating too much chicken recently. Bad for the body :( But I mean, after all, I have been eating BAKED chicken only right? Even the chicken I ate yesterday at 오늘통닭 (Oneul Tongdak), albeit fried, had verrryyyyyyyyy thin coating. With that in mind, I ate half of the (deep fried chicken), deceiving myself that the pollo I was stuffing myself with was guilt-free. I couldn’t help myself. It was just TOO good.

오늘통닭 (오늘 Oneul = today; 통닭 Tongdak = whole chicken; Today Whole chicken, doesn’t sound so silly after all) is a very popular chicken chain. It has been famous for its signature thin-coated fried chicken since it opened in 1977, and has spread all over the country. Chances are you have already seen a 오늘통닭 restaurant before this blog post.

For lunch, the lowcarb buddy and I (now back to lowcarb by eating fried chicken) decided to stick with what they are supposed to do best by ordering Oneul Fried Whole chicken (15000 KRW). After 10 minutes our order came, oozing sex appeal:

The pollo was not huge, but it definitely satisfied our taste buds.

The meat itself was your standard chicken. Yes, it was moist, juicy, and done well, but a bit undermarrinated. The key for a perfect bite was to eat your pollo with the perfectly crunchy and well seasoned coating.

The coating was amazing. It was light, crunchy, not drenched in oil, and tasted just the right amount of saltiness and sweetness. Golden goodness.



오늘통닭, Sinchon station exit 2.


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