[eat] Sushi buffet at 스시끼리 @ Sinchon, Seoul

Who doesn’t l-o-v-e sushi? xD Too bad that Japanese delicacy is usually quite expensive no matter where you live. I feel blessed, no joke, because I live in Sinchon where there are like 5-6 sushi buffet restaurants around. Sushi buffet–such a beautiful concept. The problem is because there are 5-6 places to choose from with prices ranging from 9900 -> 11900 KRW, it took me awhile to figure out which one is the best value. Finally I came up with 스시끼리 (Sushi kkiri) and what we had there was indeed satisfying.

There were around 10 different kinds of sushi and 5 kinds of rolls. The rolls were quite small and drenched in sauce so I was not a fan. But their sushi was decent. I enjoyed the salmon & fish egg & eel ones. At times I was able to get hold of pieces of sushi with really thick slices of salmon and I was quite elated xD

Some pictures of the salad bar and sushi bar. They had soba, some Korean food, and lots of other kinds of salad too, but I felt weird standing there taking pictures and blocking other people -.-

We were free to choose our own favorites but each table was offered a “premium” dish (my own word) of sushi with thicker slices of fish:

They do look lovely:

Other selections. They were all good really. The rice was soft and seasoned just right and the fish–though not fresh fresh–did not taste stale and at least were complete defrosted (it is often the case that in all-you-can-eat sashimi restaurant you will get still frozen sashimi slices in your plate).

I found myself filling my tummy with this kind of roll again and again xD

The fish egg one was quite… amusing lol


Surprisingly, we all enjoyed our desserts. The tiny chocolate and sesame biscuits were really really good. The pecan pie didn’t have enough pecans though. But the most amusing things were…

TINY SWEET POTATOES!!!! First time we had seen such a thing.

We stuffed ourselves with so many oranges we couldn’t breathe:

The price:

Sushi Kkiri, Sinchon station exit 4 (above Paris Baguette). The place is quite small, so it may get crowded during lunch time. Each person has 1hour and a half to enjoy the sushi, so use your time wisely lol. Actually we spent like 40 minutes on the sushi, the rest of the time we were busy eating oranges, folding boats with used tissues, and bitching about life :))


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