[eat] Get tropical at Bonjour Hawaii @ Hongdae, Seoul

I’m sure that everyone wants to eat good food–but sometimes you go to restaurants not necessarily for gourmet eats, but for a different, sometimes a lovelier, at times a quirkier, atmosphere. Bonjour Hawaii is such a place–food wise, it’s okay; but the atmosphere and the ‘feel’ are quite different from other restaurants in Seoul. Everything just screams SUMMERRRRRRRR, like the name indicates (the Hawaii part, not the Bonjour one).

The decor is the key here. It is spacious (3 floors), with nice patio seatings. The owners attempt to breathe a ‘natural’ feeling to the restaurant, and they somewhat succeed. The music is a bit weird, but I guess that it represents the ‘tropical’ touch.

First floor:

Second floor:

Nice patio:

Third floor:

The food is less original than the restaurant itself. Of the 3 dishes we ordered, I quite enjoyed the salmon dish. My friend’s cream pasta was decent, but my chicken dish didn’t come up to my expectations. But again, the decor IS the key. As long as the food is not horrible, I won’t complain.

Spaghetti 14000 KRW

My chicken dish (12800 KRW). The chicken was too hard but not crispy lol.

But the salmon dish (no idea about price) was really good:

Some refreshing fruit ades (6000 KRW each)

Get tropical \(*.*)\

I didn’t take pictures of the menu. I completely forgot -.- let’s just say the drinks started at 6000 KRW and went up from there. TMost of the food was between 8000 KRW and 19000 KRW. While the food won’t be worth the price on its own, given the atmosphere, I think that Bonjour Hawaii is a nice place to chill in this fabulous weather.

Bonjour Hawaii, Hapjeong station exit 3.

or Hongdae station exit 9:


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