[tea house] A beautiful tea house: Trinitea @ Edae, Seoul

I must say that I have been spending lots of time looking for nice cafes/tea houses these days. The weather is just too nice to stay at home, yet it is SO sunny and hot that I feel like spending my afternoon in a spacious cafe/tea house with lots of windows and space would be the only sensible thing to do. Fortunately, the Sinchon-Edae area is just packed with numerous cafes/tea houses, among which a few stand out for me when it comes to space. Trinitea is one of them.

The place is absolutely adorable. From the eye-catching exterior:

to the lovely interior. I like how it feels spacious yet cozy at the same time. The sofas are big and comfortable. The yellow lighting is comforting, but the large windows make the tea house bright and seem much bigger. I love Chloris, but apart from some seats near the windows, the rest of the place is relatively dark. Here at Trinitea, unless you deliberately choose dark corners, you are certain to enjoy enough daylight =}

Tea tea tea:

Large sofas:

The second floor is darker, I bet that it is exclusively for couples ;)

Trinitea has quite a diverse menu. I thought that they would offer more tea choices, but it turns out that relatively limited options are available. As we were hot from the walking, the lowcarb buddy and I both wanted something cold. The friend opted for Royal Ice Green (6500 KRW), while I chose one of their best seller items: a Peach Cream Tea (6500 KRW). To boost up my sugar intake, I also ordered a 3 Layer Chocolate Cake (4500 KRW).

The Royal Ice Green tastes just weird… If you can make seaweed juice, I guess it would taste like this…

My drink was quite good though. However, I’m pretty sure that it is just a mix of Lipton peach tea + sugar + 2 scoops of ice cream.

Luckily, the chocolate cake was delicious. It was not over-the-top sweet but slightly bitter. The cake was ice cold and melted in my mouth. Lovely.


I truly enjoyed my time at Trinitea. The place was surprisingly quiet, mostly because the customers hardly talked, or talked in very low volume. Now that is how people should behave when they are in a tea house. I highly recommend this place. I should try more from their menu to come up to a final verdict, but from what I tried, I guess that though the drinks are not awesome, the cake is a redeeming factor.

Trinitea, Edae station exit 1 or Sinchon station exit 4.


7 thoughts on “[tea house] A beautiful tea house: Trinitea @ Edae, Seoul

  1. Hi, any advices on what to wear in seoul during this period? i’m heading to korea this friday, but not sure what i should pack because i’ve never gone during spring before

    • Cherry, the weather is around 15-25 degree Celcius these days. It is cool and perfect in early morning and gets slightly hot after 10. From noon to 4pm it’d be quite hot IF you have to walk under the sun. If you take a shelter from the solar power you’d be fine :) After 4pm the weather turns perfect again. It might get chilly in the evening, but nothing horrible.
      I would wear shorts, cotton T-shirt, skirts, light dresses for daytime. A thin cardigan or long-sleeved shirt will do if you want to go out late at night. Bring an umbrella (or buy one here, they have really cute umbrella for sunny weather) in case the sun is scorching and/or it rains (which hardly happens, but just in case).

      • oh, lol i was still intending to pack my uniqlo ultra light down jacket :O because i’m heading to busan and jeju, i wasn’t sure if it’d be very cold there. i’m from singapore, and am afraid of cold keke.

        btw, i’ll be staying at sinchon area since i used to study a month at ewha. i see your blog posts regarding food in ewha area and they’re really helpful for me :D

      • Busan and Jeju should be MUCH hotter than Seoul. Esp. Jeju, since it enjoys semi tropical weather.

        Yes I reside in Sinchon and I think that I pretty much cover almost all the decent, reasonably-priced places here xD

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