[cafe] The sleek Chloris Tea & Coffee @ Hongdae, Seoul

As promised, this is a review of Chloris Tea & Coffee Hongdae branch. Though I have reviewed Chloris Salon de Thé and Chloris Tea Garden some time ago, actually Chloris Tea & Coffee in Hongdae was the first Chloris branch I ever went to, and it immediately became my no.1 cafe in Hongdae. It is spacious, beautiful, and elegant. The menu, though not heavy on tea like its two Sinchon counterparts, is full of nice looking items, which do taste very good.

Located on one of the busiest streets in Hongdae–the mecca of the young and hip population–Chloris therefore embraces a modern feel. Groovy, British-looking tea sets are replaced by shiny, plain white china ware. Victorian chairs and couches have their places taken by more simple, yet sleek, counterparts.

The second floor is more casual. Make sure to grab a seat by the huge windows–a great place for people-watching.

The third floor, however, feels cozier. And the seats by the windows are absolutely fabulous.

The menu here is also quite different from those at two Sinchon branches. They used to offer really really yummy crepes :( For example..
Bacon & egg crepe ;~~~; (they all have fancy French names actually… but of course I have no idea what the names mean lol)

Or this…

My fav. item:

Too bad they have got rid of all these yummy crepes. I almost had a heart attack the other day when I looked at the new brunch menu :-<

(But at least they have Egg Benedict–which I am so going to try)

The most popular item is Milk tea snow blossom (7000 KRW; but at the two Sinchon branches it is 9000 KRW -.-)

And it is popular for a reason. Think of a bowl of frozen Earl Grey with milk, served with a scoop of tea-flavored ice cream on top. Super duper awesome.

If only everything frozen tasted this good >__<

The raspberry snow blossom is also yummy and refreshing, though less original:

Some kind of milk tea & Habanera Ice:

I forgot the name of this drink but at least it looks cool…

My lemonade and rosemary (6000 KRW). A wonderful combination but I wish the zesty flavor was stronger.

Overall, a great place. If you are looking for a pretty cafe to study/have a chat/enjoy great drinks in Hongdae, you can’t go wrong with Chloris.

Chloris Tea & Coffee, Hongdae station exit 9.


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