[eat] A remedy for Korean heat: Patbingsu at 옥루몽 & 호밀밭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

What’s up with the weather these days? Come on it’s supposed to be S-P-R-I-N-G, why must it be THIS HOTTTTTTT 凸(`0´)凸
At least the horrible heat gives us a great excuse to indulge ourselves in the ever refreshing icy sweet treat Patbingsu. Over the past few days I have been to two Patbingsu places in Sinchon: 옥루몽 (Okrumong) & 호밀밭 (Homilbat); and if the weather continues to be like this (it will), then it looks like I will have to check out all Patbingsu places I come across (whoot whoot!)

옥루몽 http://www.okrumong.com is a newly opened place, replacing the old Thai Express here in Sinchon. As far as I know, there is another 옥루몽 in Hongdae, located near Sangsu station. For a new brand (?), it definitely is having successful launch as every time I pass by the two places, they are always packed with people.

It is a nice place, and feels quite ‘traditional’, from the decor to the menu. I guess that this very concept helps set it apart from other patbingsu places because the fare, while very tasty, is not mindblowingly unique.

Cool exterior:

I felt like I was in a museum…


The lowcarb buddy and I chose the Traditional one (8000 KRW), which came fast and looked pretty:

The red beans on top were excellent. They were cooked well and pleasantly sweet.

There were even more beans inside!

I enjoyed our patbingsu, but I am not coming back. 8000 KRW for a bowl felt a bit costly to me. The ice was either normal ice or very watery milk ice. In my opinion, 옥루몽 definitely cannot beat its counterpart 호밀밭 (Homilbat)–the supreme Patbingsu place also located in Sinchon area.

호밀밭 is one great place. I always see people queuing for a seat in the summer. That a bowl of patbingsu can make people queue in the scorching summer heat does mean a lot. Though I would never queue because I’m much too impatient, I believe that their patbingsu is worth queuing for. Though the red beans and the tteoks (rice cakes) on top are comparable to those of 옥루몽 in tastiness, it is the ice that boosts 호밀밭 to a totally different standard. You can see the difference from the picture:

A two bowls of first snow–that is the correct description–for the picture above. I honestly have no idea how they could come up with such fine and delicate, if not exquisite, shaved ice. It tasted like velvet, with the perfect amount of sweetness–which I believed to be the result of sweetened condensed milk. In the picture are the original patbingsu (5500 KRW) & green tea (6000 KRW)

I was a big fan of the original, but my friend seemed to prefer the green tea one. Nevertheless, both were amazing.

호밀밭 is ~20 meters from La Celtique, please refer to the map in that post.

옥루몽 is near Severance Hospital, less than 10 minute walk from Yonsei University’s main gate.


5 thoughts on “[eat] A remedy for Korean heat: Patbingsu at 옥루몽 & 호밀밭 @ Sinchon, Seoul

  1. this looks GORGEOUS. Wow. It’s been super hot where I am as well and I’m teaching all day in doors where it’s even hotter. Need to find some nice dessert places such as this one…

  2. hey love holmelpat! I was wondering about that new patbingsoo place. They should have had a promotion when they newly opened-i won’t be trying it anytime soon. Have you tried the patbingsoo in Hyundai Department store-like the 10th floor. Their milk patbingsoo is really good. I think there beans are better than holmetbat but the ice is not as good. You should give it a try!

    • The new place is quite good, but it is indeed inferior to Homilbat. Yep I heard about that Hyundai patbingsu place too (Milk Top) and will sure give it a try. Perhaps this thursday!

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