[leisure] Fallen in love with Seonyudo park @ Yangwha-dong, Seoul

Fabulous day today. Right now the lowcarb buddy and I are chilling at Bricklane in Noksapyeong after enjoyably whiling away our morning at Seonyudo park. The park was absolutely amusing in a creepy (?) way. It is so different from any other park we have been to before. Most parks in Korea (for example Ilsan Lake Park) are filled with flowers, looking colorful and lovely. Seonyudo park, however, has a creepy mysterious feel to it…

Yep the photo above is not too creepy but it is actually creepy in real life when you see this…

A tale of two sisters anyone?

Seonyudo is actually a green oasis connected to ‘mainland Seoul’ by a bridge. Once an industrial area, Seonyudo park is now a popular attraction due to its beautiful greenery and unique design:

Dazzlingly green~~

Gorgeous paths:

A cool(?) garden~

Nearby are two creepy benches under the ivy trees. A very popular photo spot :)

Yep, it is creepy :))

But the flowers are adorable *v*

But we just can’t get enough of ivy, can we?

We came across this beautiful resting place..

A very creepy wall…

But some little yellow flowers nearby make the scene much more adorbs.

A failed attempt to look romantic.

Still failed.

Did I mention that even the restroom looks super cool too?

A walk across the bridge…

Seonyudo park is absolutely beautiful. It is not huge, but full of beautiful spots for taking pictures. As the park is covered by trees and located near Han River, it enjoys continuous refreshing gusts, which makes walking there a pleasure, instead of being a sweat -inducing activity.

The best way to get to Seonyudo park is by taking a bus from Hapjeong station.
Hapjeong station exit 8: bus 604, 5712, 6712, 6716.
exit 9: bus 5714, 7612, 760, 630.
exit 6: bus 5714.


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